Help, my niece is sick

Hi there everyone, the past few days my 5 year old niece who’s also my godchild has been complaining about a constant headache and couldn’t hold her head straight. Yesterday the doctors sent her for an MRI scan which confirmed that she has a Brain tumor around her brain stem (Glioma) which is 5 cm at it largest side. Currently they’re ruling out an operation because they cannot operate around the stem.
If the panel of doctors confirms that its a malignant tumor, she has to undergo radiation and chemo therapy. She’s really a frail little child, so i’m not entirely sure how she’ll make it through. I was thinking of petitioning President Marbas and President Buer for help. I would be glad if you guys could recommend Demons or Angels who can help her with this.

Also i’d be really glad if any of you guys could pray or send your healing energies to her, that would really really mean a lot. The doctors are gonna let us know today if its Malignant or benign. I will keep all of y’all updated on it. Thankyou very much everyone :’)


I am really sorry to hear about your little niece. If you have no problem with angels I would definitely encourage you to evoke Raphael, outdoors if possible, and ask for his assistance. He has helped me to heal my loved ones time and time again, even when the odds seemed stacked almost impossibly high.

Ebuhuel, one of the ‘angels of omnipotence’, can also assist with healing, as can the Shem angels Melahel (highly recommended) and Mahashiah, Chavuiah, and Eladiah.


When my niece was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 15, I was successful in healing her with the help of people here on the forum. I’ll personally do what I can for your niece, but here is the thread I made at the time with the all the suggestions folks had. Maybe you can find something useful as well:


I have no problems with angels and will call on Raphael for his help regarding this matter. Can you let me know what invocation you use for calling him on? Also i’ll get the book ‘Angels of Omnipotence’ and look into asking Ebuhuel for help.
Thankyou very much for your help, please pray for her.

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Hi DarkestKnight, I’m glad to hear about your niece and it gives me hope for my little one too. I’ll go through the thread and look into the entities and the suggestions there. In the meanwhile, i’d be indebted to you for whatever you can do for her. Thank you for helping out always.

Update 10/08/22

The doctors have concluded that the tumor is malignant and the only suggested course of treatment for now is radiation therapy. Surgery is not possible at all due to the tumor originating in stem.

I don’t know if you have access to the patient to do a “laying on of hands” to stimulate her chi, but if not, you could give distance healing a try as well. Qi gong has been shown to help mitigate the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, so if you can project energy to your niece, it could help her body handle the treatment.


I do not have access to her as only the parents are allowed in the kids ward. I’m gonna try and find a picture of her and focus my chi and energy into her through visualization if that works.

you could use the book Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand.

Normally I just perform an LBRP beginning with Raphael, facing South*, or East. Then I chant or sing his name until I feel his presence. Then I talk to him.

Sometimes I will leave offerings afterwards (incense, a glass of cold water, a yellow candle).

You can simply call his name. Or you can find his name written in Hebrew and use it like a sigil/seal to contact him.


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It’s all good, man :slight_smile: