Help My friend shes really sick

My friend is really sick. She has kidney stones and really bad cancer. She needs to get better to work so she can make money to pay her doctor bills. whos is the best angel to evoke for healing?

I’m not trying to be rude here but don’t you practice Palo? The spirits in the ATRS are uber powerful. Why not just help her with Palo?

I was thinking the same thing.

Your right.

I thought a lot of other systems used angels as well.

Maybe this is another one of the points I was trying to illuminate about angels.

They exist outside of any paradigm you have for them.

They do not give a shit what you work with, despite what most people think.

And they are incredibly willing to manifest their abilities, in a much less harmful way than some of the spirits of Palo perhaps. The spirits of Afro Carribian sorcery are not things to be trifled with, these things truly are THE POWERS RUNNING THE UNIVERSE, and if you call on them, you better have a really good reason, or they put you through the mother fucking school of hard knocks and painful lessons. They will completely scramble your life, just to prove a point to you about why you never should have fucking called them.

And they will show you how childish what you asked for was. They literally will spit in your face if you treat them like most people treat western spirits, they are something very different.

That being said, I understand why OP is asking for an angel, and I see this as perfectly reasonable.

The angel I would use, is perhaps Raphael, but that’s because I’ve used him so often, and he’s been such a kind and helpful spirit, to see me through dark times when I didn’t even have my health, with this spirit I was able to make it through, and even avoid paying a shitload of medical bills for my girlfriend at the time.

I really hope this helps you, because I feel where you’re coming from when you need to try and help people who are friends, and you have the power, and you know you must do something. Raphael will not do you wrong.

That being said, I will admit, I have ZERO knowledge of the tradition of healing arts in Palo, and perhaps I could use a lesson that tradition from the original poster of the thread as I am incredibly interested in his path.

Good Luck and Godspeed,
-Frater Apotheosis

I second the recommendation of Raphael because he stepped up to help me and I’ve never been baptised, and am also involved in doing baneful workings and all kinds of other utterly non-Xian activities, so he’s neither partisan, nor is he interested in trying to convert anyone.

I fully agree with Baphomet’s statement.

Lwas can heal cancer so it shouldnt be different with Palo.

GL Jay