Help. My ex used a spell against me. Need protection advice

So if anyone has been following my progress they will know that I tried to get my ex back. This failed. My ex then made a malicious allegation against me to the police which is currently still being investigated and a preliminary court case was scheduled. This helped me get over my ex and I was doing so much better. However I summoned Andras to deal with my ex and Belial to help with the court case. I believe Andras is working on my request and Belial has helped with the court case so I may summon him again for further assistance

This morning despite me being over my ex. I woke up in tears missing them and constantly thinking about them. It feels like my heart and soul are crushed. I haven’t felt like this in weeks/months and I did get over my ex. So there is no normal reason for me to be feeling this way.

Due to bills I have no money to buy anything for rituals other than Red and dark Blue candles. Can anyone advise what demon I can summon to help get rid of this feeling. I already did a cutting of the cord ritual but that has not helped with this feeling

Hi I am not an expert or do I know many of the demons but I feel that you should do a search for Duke Dantalion. For things of the mind and how it works, changed, manipulated has no better master.
look at this link and good luck Dantalion tips (and everything that you need to know about him)


Thank you. I have tried working with Duke Dantalion before. I think he refused.

That’s not to say I shouldn’t give it a try again as I previously tried to work with Belial and he refused but then the second time I worked with Belial he accepted and fulfilled my request so it may be that Duke Dantalion will agree to help me this time.

I’ll give it a try and report back but currently I’m so low and upset due to this spell I don’t think I have the energy

Do you have the energy to write Dantalion a petition asking for what you wish and read it out to him and burn it?

Just summon the fire in yourself forth and watch their feeble spells burn away in the glory of your fire.

Yes. I can do that.

I’ll give that a try as well

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I’m not a woman but if it will still work for me despite being a man I would be willing to try it. I would be much obliged if you either post it here or PM what I need to do.

Try making offerings to Osiris

How do I summon Osiris and are there any preferred offerings?

I haven’t summoned Osiris, but I contacted Anubis just by lighting candles and talking to him.

Most Egyptian deities seem to like offerings of food (especially dark breads), water, or beer. (Good news for your tight budget: they won’t be offended if you consume the offering later. I understand this was not uncommon in ancient Egypt due to varying food/water availability in a desert climate.)

I’ll give that a try tonight

Just want to say a big thank you to @SoulSmith @NeoFightTheNyophite @tradingorg77 @huidini @Poppet for all your support so far. This community has been very supportive.

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