Help me

Anyone here who is close to king Paimon could ask him what he wants from me?I can not understand.Someone can help me,i am very grateful!!!


When you try to talk to a spirit and you can’t hear it, that means that you need to improve your astral senses. I suggest meditation.


Can you be more specific?, I can’t tell if it’s something King Paimon told you that you don’t understand…or if you can’t even communicate with him at all at the moment.

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You’re going to have to elaborate on the situation a bit in order to get the appropriate advice for your situation.

I can not talk to him,i just want to know what he wants :’(

How do you figure he wants something from you? Explain your rational or the experience which happened that caused you to conclude this.

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Summarizing everything,i was beginning to try to evoke another,in the middle of the way i can not explain why i decided to evoke the king paimon,but it was kind of confusing for me and now i’m trying to get out of this and evoke another,but the king paimon does not leave the my head,i dreamed until i was calling him,i just want to set things and whether i should persist or stop now,no answer,so i asked for help here.

Oh I see. You got a gear stuck. Alrighty leme see if I can fix it in the astral. Don’t worry bud your channel tunner is just outa wack. It’ll be fixed in no time.

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King Paimon does things like that. He wants to talk with you. All you need to do is summon him. If you have tried that but you heard no answer then perhaps you need to improve your astral sense as I stated above.


I would like to thank everyone for the advice,but I gave up.He did not go with my face,thank you anyway.