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Need some help with something i would like to evoke an entity to change the way people see me because they hate me i would like to change their minds i dont want to resort to death spells just to end their lives because thats not how i roll but it would be helpful. I only work with goetic demons yet im open to working with other intelligent lifeforces and energies if it gets the job done. I basically need people to love me and not haye me and have no reason to hate me


I found three that might help you, I personally have never worked with them so if you could post your experience i would be interested in reading it :slight_smile:
Balam Balan
Foras Foras
Ipos Ipes/Ipos

also i’m not sure but Zagan might also assist you in this. hope this help :smiley:


You can do this using basic behavioural psychology.

Whenever you encounter these people, greet them with excitement. Their mirror neurons will start associating you with the same excitement that you show them. Dogs do this to us all the time.

For example, there was this co-worker I had who was the most uncouth individual I’ve ever had the displeasure of encountering. She just dripped liquid bitch everywhere she went. Anyways, so I wanted to stop this behaviour by making her excited to work with me, and so everytime I saw her I would scream her name with excitement and joy. At first she looked at me like I was mentally disturbed. But, after a few weeks she started responding my joyful hellos. And now, we have an excellent working relationship and she’s just really kind and cooperative (with me at least, I can’t change how she acts to others as simply).

Any questions?


My endeavors involve more skill other then psychology. Magick is necessary at this point beyond simple mind tricks to fool others into a false sense of security

If you say so. You are the master of your own universe after all, and if you say a simple tool using behavioural psychology won’t work, then it won’t.


My problems are beyond psychology

As I said, if you say so. You are the master of your own universe after all.


Can you give us a bit more information then? Becaus what @ashtkerr is suggesting, sounds that it should be a viable solution, with what little info you gave us.

Also, with all due respect. Have you even tried it?


Ask Beleth.

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