Help Me!

I need some serious help. I am completely addicted to masturbation and it is draining all the spiritual, mental, physical energy from me. I tried to utilizing sex magic but it turned out I am using sex magick as an excuse to masturbate. My practice has taken a hit due to this.

Is there any entity that can help me control my thoughts and actions and put this energy to a good use?

You could ask Belial, he is some kind of pro when it comes to any kind of addiction or obsession. I don’t say he will be gentle with that. Good luck!

Dont do it.Without discipline sexual magick can be worse than black magick trust me on that lol.

But if I can give you an advice, I should say that state your intent very carefully or you may even end up with some problems in your body.I mean goal is not masturbating after all and if your pump chump does not work you cant masturbate,like at all. :joy:

I’ve been doing some work with Dantalion and he may be helpful with changing your thoughts, or your triggers per se for wanting to initiate masturbation. Aside from a spiritual point of view, maybe it would be helpful to consult with a licensed mental health professional? Chronic masturbation is something that is very much real & can benefit from therapy! This is my own line of work (not licensed yet, but hopefully!) & I am a big believer in mixing my own spirituality with mental health work. Dantalion is also more agreeable to helping if you initiate the process of obtaining what you want (of course, without listing for results). So, frankly, I believe it would be a win/win.

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It’s only less useful for a witch if you cum by doing it… The secret of power is to invert the orgasm and absorb it. There are lots of books on Tantra

You can meditate in the day of Saturn on the hour of Mars for “restraining sex drive” :thinking: Saturn energy helps with banishing and responsibilities! Mars rules over sex drive! Use a black candle with Saturn and Mars symbols and state your intention! Make sure to include “without causing harm and blessing everyone’s involved”! These 2 energies are malevolent after all so binding the harmful aspects is wise!

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You should learn to control your urges. You must, if you don’t want to keep falling back to it!

That kind of discipline will help you overall in everything, so, I find this much more useful than asking any entity to take care of your problem - which, in itself may be again only another excuse to continue the same behaviour and not doing anything of your own.

Write down a list of why it’s bad for you. Find more reasons than the obvious ones, if you need to. Then add on another column on this list, the positive aspects of not masturbating. From then on, use this list, to remind you consequently of the consequences and of the two sides of actions you can take, so that you train yourself refraining from any harmful behaviour.

This is only one way to achieve discipline, there are more ways, that can help. But I strongly believe, it is YOU who should take action and not someone else for you!


This sounds like something I can and should do. As Lucifer once said, stop rubbing the lamp and asking for wishes. I’ll make a daily reminder of the pros and the cons. Thank you!

I’m not so experienced with working with planetary energies. I don’t know if to start now given my inexperience. I accidentally don’t wanna make myself asexual :joy:

I’m an upcoming psychologist too. I’m doing my bachelor’s degree! I used to work with Dantalion in my initial days of practice… Wouldn’t hurt to seek his help again

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