Help me with tips on how to do a proper pact with lucifuge

Hello everyone :wave:
I have been doing Invocation almost everyday since the day I joined this forum but I only got one chance to see lucifuge but he didn’t say anything to me I want to make a pact with him I would like to have clear information on what should I do ,prepare and even good words to use while calling him I think I need to get things little serious I have been getting some vision when im trying to meditate that proove me that the spirit can hear me but I want to be able to do a pact and hear him or see him in my daily Invocation kindly help me .

That topic has been discussed quite a few times on here, try utilizing the search function.


Thank you

Eh, the way you are hopping around begging demons for help out of situations you created, then running from your problems, rather than facing you’re own misdeeds as a person and operator…

I would recommend you start at the beginning and the basics. You’re asking for trouble and opening yourself up to get used, abused and plagued by imposters, parasites and bad experiences. I’ve yet to successfully work with being that did not push me to be a better form of myself and learn from mistakes, rather than run from them.

In your intro, you want a pact with Azazel. Now you want Lucifuge. You mentioned other demons in your other post. As a beginner, this could get you into a heap of trouble, when you don’t yet seem to have the abilities to sense or communicate with these beings, let alone banish and protect yourself or make wise decisions about your spiritual interactions.