Help me with this symbol

Ive had something bothering me for the past 10 years, and this is the best place Ive found so far for solving mysteries, so perhaps you guys can give me some insight into this one…

I was still in high school at the time, just starting to really discover whats behind the veil and learn about my higher self and all that, and one night I had a dream that has been burned into my memory ever since. Knowing what I know now, Im guessing it wasnt really a dream.

I was running from some forces that were intent on destroying me, and after I gave them the slip, I found myself on a large grassy hill, and next to me, coming out of the ground was a large, flat disc, made out of concrete or possibly granite, about 4 feet in diameter. A very old man appeared next to me, wearing a hooded cloak, and he wanted to show me something very important. He took four long pine branches, and arranged them in a sort of tic-tac-toe configuration on the stone disc, making this shape

He made very sure that I understood that the corners of the square were NOT to touch the circumference of the circle, in fact, the square ive drawn there is probably a little too big.

If I concentrate, I can remember various other parts of the dream, but I dont think theyre all that important. This is whats been burned in my memory and has replayed in my head almost every day for almost 10 years now.

Now, you would think that this a fairly simple geometric pattern, and it would be easy to find a lot of info on it…but I really cant.

Really, the only time I ever see this pattern is on windows in old houses

Ive shown it to at least 20 different people, and none of them have any ideas for me either. One did tell me that it might be a personal symbol, and that showing it to others would be a bad idea. I toyed around with that for a bit, but the shape is too simple, too utilitarian to be for one person alone.

Lately Ive been activating it sigil-style at the beginning of all my rituals and workings, but it doesnt seem to do much. It will flash slightly and waver around a bit, but there doesnt seem to be any entities tied to it. Ill usually get some interesting ideas from doing this though, and the last few times Ive seen Hebrew text flashing across the square, but Im not fluent in hebrew, and it goes by way too fast for me to interpret it.

My other thought is that maybe it has a function similar to a triangle of manifestation, or it might even be a portal or a gateway, but Im not sure how I would go about testing those theories.

Im really hoping you guys have some fresh ideas for me, Ive been banging my head against the wall on this one for too long now!

TheLotusEater check this out it, may be of interest to you

Particularly this passage.
Square/Cross-Roads - a square is where either the four Watchtowers or four Angles are drawn together with lines of force around the periphery of the magick circle, usually done with a dagger or a sword. The direction or vector, and the starting and finishing point are the two components that can have an impact on the quality that this ritual structure produces. A vector of clockwise will produce a decidedly masculine energy signature, and the opposite vector of counter clockwise, will produce a corresponding feminine energy signature. Typically, the masculine version is used, although the feminine variety can be used to create a hybrid structure that can produce a highly charged conical spiral vortex. Starting at a particular point (Watchtower or Angle) can also have an effect. Often it symbolizes the sequence of the four Elements associated with the specific points of the magick circle. This ritual structure tends to produce a polarization of forces that automatically generates magickal energy, particularly due to the fact that it is drawn within a magick circle. A square within a circle has its particular quality of polarized magickal power.

A cross-roads ritual structure is where the four Watchtowers or Angles are drawn together, using lines of force that cross the center of the magick circle. Thus the points that are the polar opposite of each other are joined together, causing an energy signature of fusion and union to occur. The center of the magick circle draws the polarities of the four points so conjoined into a singularity, which is the fifth or quintessential element. The mid-point also becomes an access point for the translation of matter into spirit and spirit into matter, allowing for a two-way communion or communication between both domains. A cross-roads erected in a magick circle has all of the mythic and metaphysical qualities of an actual lonely country cross-roads, the place where sorcerers are reputed to conjure spirits and meet with diabolical agents.

Very nice! So what I basically glean from that, is that no matter where I go, as long as I can make this simple structure somehow, I’ll have a nice strong channel into the astral, and vice versa. Would anyone care to try this with me?

Alright, I have made 3 versions of this symbol. One as a sigil that can be held in my hand, another that is large enough to use in place of a circle of pacts, and another, on the reverse side of my manifestation triangle.

I activated the sigil one in bed right before sleep, and I dont recall anything happening, literally. I remember activating it, and then I remember waking up. Gonna try it again tonight after a ritual.

During evocation, I dont believe any harm will come to me my using this instead of a COP, but just in case, can anyone think of a reason why I shouldnt?

Id very much like to see other people’s experiences with this, so I can properly document its uses (or lack thereof). So who’s up for an experiment? …Anyone? …Bueller? …Bueller?

For the one used as a COP are you planning to call watchtowers, to power the square?

Im considering it, especially after reading the link you sent me, it kinda seems like they were meant to go together.

However, I was also thinking about just trying it on its own first, without any outside forces involved.

Ive started to learn that magick is kind of like working on a car though, theres some room for experimentation, but not a whole lot when it comes to specific things.

Im probably going to try it in the next hour or so. Would you be willing to as well?

I’m @ work man, I’m posting from my phone.

Ha, i didn’t mean right now, just in general. I don’t even know what time zone you’re in…get back to work!

Lol when you said you’d be trying in an hour and asked was I willing to I thought you meant then. If you feel like it shoot me a pm and we can try to do something. I’ve got all my evocation supplies gathered all I have to do now is finish my triangle and I’ll be good to go.

Just so you guys know, you can always use the chatroom for real-time communication. It’s up 24/7, and you can even private message each other from there.