Help me with a love potion

i need a good love potion that is not love potion #9 my lover knows that potion to well


Just for clarity sake what is love potion #9?

some potion that is a common potion witchs i talk to use based off the long it was named after basic potion
9 of each ingrednt
9 mins brew
nine goddes of love
serve to person

When you say “love”.do you mean to fall in love, sexually bind?

sex romance sweetness affection and etc

Have you thought of asking Lilith or one of the sexually affiliated demons for help?

i feel like i will mess up and offend her … kinda hesentitnt to work with her do to fear

but how will i contact her

what do i say and what will happen

Add Belladonna too any love potion you end up making for a power boost and a seductive aura that helps lure your intended target to you…just a little tip :blush:


As long as you don’t disrespect her Lilith is always a very friendly option, then again she’s the demon I have the best relation with.

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You do know belladonna is a deadly poison, right?

It’s ingestion leads to hallucinations, madness and eventual death. Seems rather strange to include in a love potion :thinking:


so she will not ruin everything if i dont do things coreecly

i use poision magic alot never consume its suicide if you do

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tbh poioson magic to me is never to be used in love unless you want to kill the love my opinun it is

i dont want to use poision magic in my love magic sorry i dont see it being a good idea

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Demons don’t do that unless you’re already on bad terms and Lilith is pretty much like that one female friend you had growing up that was kind of lustful. You can ask @succupedia, he is married to her.

Tough love I guess…

i like potions i drink them alot hahaha

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Yes I do know it’s poisonous, it’s just a damn good powerful herb, one of my favourites :sparkling_heart:

And I hadn’t realised the potion would actually be ingested before I offered my tip :stuck_out_tongue: silly me

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I know it’s powerful I use it in all my powerful posion magic

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I love it