Help me with a body swapping spell

Hi E.A. Koettings,

I really need a body swapping spell to be performed, do you think you could do it and how much would it cost?

body swapping? what is this, harry potter?


You know what I mean the possession type thing that’s mentioned in soul travel.

do i?

Yes, and can I have a chocolate frog with that?

Lol. @DragonHorde what do you want it for? I think the Yithians have perfected something similar to what you’re thinking about. There are easier ways to achieve what you’re seeking to do other than mind transfer, though.

Please tell me how to accomplish that thank you.

I need to know what you need it for dude lol

Find some powerful prosperity spells and cut the umbilical cord. Make some poppets of the gang members and get a protection spell. Summon a spirit to increase your GPA to twice its original size.

How hard is it to transfer bodies anyways?

enuff that nobody is takeing the idea serously.


Hard enough that not even the gods do it. Seriously, why would you ever try to this? If it was easy, the gods would have swapped bodies with fucking Azathoth by now!!!