Help me to understand this feeling

My disclaimer: I am not crazy or weird :slight_smile:

I will try to make this story short…
December 2017 I found out I was getting laid off and that same day I found out I was pregnant. My S/O at the time wanted me to abort, but I chose life. He started seeing another woman while we were living together…I found out. I couldnt deal with the stress of him, not having a job to support our other children, pregnant, and got into a car accident…so I put him out. He went to stay with his mother.
September of 18 I wasnt able to find employment, he was upset that I put him out because of the girl, the lease was up on our home…so he moved into his new house and I was left homeless. He agreed that he would keep the children fulltime until I got on my feet. I managed to get a part time job working at a lawfirm.
October 18 he decided to put a restraining order on me because he didnt want me to come to his house for fear of losing his new girlfriend, and because I was “unstable” by not having a home, it was granted. He made it difficult to allow me to see my children…anyways…
November 18 I was served an order of him wanting sole custody and child support. He stated it was to protect the children.
October 19 he now wants us to be “friends” and start communicating again. He stated that we dont have to be mean to each other. Mind you, I only call him to talk about the children…I promise.
Fast forward to current…I get weird feelings about my ex. Like if I am driving, I would get a sudden urge to call him, but I have no reason to call him. Or I get a sudden feeling that I miss him or a feeling that he misses me. I cant explain it…there is an indescribable pain he has caused me because of the new girl.
My question is…how do I stop it? Who do I summon to get rid of this? I already summoned the great Duke Sallos and he pretty much showed me that there is no reconciliation for us as I was asking him for a sign, I saw his car at the girlfriend’s house.

You need to let things be and understand that part of living is pain.

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I am. I dont speak on how I feel, I stick to the facts about the children…that’s all. When I do call or text, my attitude is pleasant. I’m hurting that hes in a new relationship. 14 years is a long time to just move on like I was nothing.

I’m a little surprised that you appear to be hurting because your ex is in a new relationship, rather than hurting over the fact that you have lost custody of your own children.


We went to court this year…
April 19 I got a place and in June we have shared custody. I got them every other week. And this week was my week. So I’m grateful that it worked out for my benefit. I do hurt that the fact that I have been reduced to see them every other week instead of everyday…

I think you are hurt because he is with this new girl, why dont you try amon? Amon is very good with reconciliation, if you search this forum about amon you could find more information and i know what you are going through its hard
You could always move on and find someone new but im no one to tell you that cause i really dont know what you have gone through.
Or why dont you try asmodeus for moving on

I appreciate your answer.

This sucks and I’m sorry this has happened to you :frowning:

To directly address the question in the title:

  • The Goetic Demon Buer can help bring clarity to complex feelings and explain to you where they are coming from. I’ve had very strong results from him with this - Hail Buer!

That’s fishy, and sounds like an attraction spell - there’s something going on from his end that’s summoning your attention obsessively. … I don’t think this is coming from you.

This can be caused from people who don’t know or believe in magik by them not controlling thier thoughts - so it could be any of the people involved including the kids. But it’s probably him and hopefully his guilt - guilt is good you can use that, Buer should be able to clarify.

I have a few suggestions:

  • Address that obsession issue with a deliberate working to break the link bewteen you and him that the unwanted thoughts are coming from.
    I like to use a poppet made of lard in the shape of two hearts together that I make from a cookie mold, and add amaranth flowers which have the magickal property of forgetfulness ti dissolve it. Build it with intention, (I like to play breakup music lol - 3 days grace’ “I don’t care” is great) and then bury it knowing by the time nature has claimed it (read: critters eat it), the link will also be dead.

  • Perform a binding to stop him from acting, working or speaking against you - I’ve had good results with a freezer spell where you literally put a poppet in the freezer to shut him down

  • In Angels of Wrath, there’s a few Angels that could have useful effects: Bind your Enemy, Silence and Enemy, Bring Judgement, Punish an Enemy, Force Exile, Triumph over an Enemy etc

  • Forcalor provides protection from magik

  • If you want to disrupt the relationship with the GF there are at least 3 goetic demons that are experts in that - let me know I’ll look them up. Sitri comes to mind. Any demon that can incite passion can also fuck it up. Zepar can make someone infertile. Botis can cause disfigurement and also bring you courage. Aim can disrupt home life and cause random accidents. Anything that distracts him would probably be useful.

  • You should probably do some divination and/or check into his intentions. Eligos can help with knowing enemy plans.

  • Not least:
    Talk to The Morrigan for justice.


This Answer right here…
You just gave me life!!!
The only thing is…he doesnt believe in magik. He goes to church and only listen to gospel music. I dont know if hes praying for reconciliation…but he cant be if he is still around the girl…
But tonight is going to be a busy night for me…I have got to get this together. I refuse to go into a new year with this.
Thank You again!