Help me release Karmic Energy

For most of my life in school I have been harassed or bullied into doing something and it annoyed the shit out me. But I have been holding on to karmic energy for years now and i want to know a good proper way to release into the world so when it takes effect and can it’s worse on the people who wronged me.

I believe that the longer it takes karma to take effect the worst it will be because it has been building and overflowing. I know it sounds stupid but I believe in it.

I just want tips on how I can release because I can’t keep holding on to it. I have cursed people in my life but only when they deserve it and my curses do come true so I just want to see if anyone know anything that could help. Like do I release it outside or should I just do what feels natural?

I’m more on the belief that karma doesnt affect those who dont believe in it, and making changes in your life be it mundane or “occult”, changing your mindset and the likes can be healthy ways of removing the concept of karma from your life.

However, if you believe karma needs to be a concept in your life than maybe looking further into where karma originated from and how those who hold the belief/started it worked with it.(before occultists started changing the meaning per their individual narratives)


Let it flow off you and down the drain in the shower. The universe will take care of it for you.


I did a ritual to get rid of my ties to Karma. Fenrir is excellent for breaking your Karmic ties and the belief in Karma in general


The psychic tension you have been building up can be used in a fashion similar to kundalini though much safer and less likely to kill you. I do recommend angelic conjuration as the easy way to go about this. Summon the Shem angel relating to the transformation you wish to focus on and take their power within you. I have been seeing some serious results lately with such methods. In this way the tension is released in a direction that is useful rather than growing stagnant.

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In a way, “Karma” is food for a particular feeling and the energy it carries.
When you transform your pain into someone else, you are giving a transformed version of the pain that you received; while someone else will receive the pain you are inflicting and give a transformed version to somebody else. “Released” from Karma? I do not know if the concept is even clear for me.

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