Help me pick a set of runes for Divination

What set of runes do you suggest for Divination Master class? Mind sharing a link? @Lady_Eva @E.A @asbjorntorvol

I haven’t done the course so don’t know what’s required for that, but you can buy attractive sets of agate or other tumbled crystals and use those, the best seller will depend on your location so have a hunt around, and check ebay & Etsy as well.

If you decide to work a lot with the Runes, making your own set is the ultimate goal, but IMO it’s fine to begin with a set you bought commercially.

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The ones I custom make :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not about the runes, its about you.

I prefer having mine hand crafted by someone who works with the runes rather than a factory produced one or wholesaled one.

Crystal ones are cool and all but I have always preferred wood. Wood is absorbent (take that in either a physical or spiritual sense), and the runes being discovered by odin while hanging from the tree.


The ones I have came with a book that’s a bit heterodox but still a good read. They’re simple cement slap runes but they don’t chip or crack easily and I like handling them because they’re uniformly sized and shaped. They came with The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum. It’s a little RHP-y but still an interesting read.


I made a set of wood runes that work great. Anything you make yourself will have much more power infused and hold personal significance. That said, a couple of my runes broke at one time, under very suspicious circumstances, and I bought a set of bone runes at a local occult shop. I was looking online for a set to use and my gf asked if I’d go to the shop with her. When we got there I saw the same set of bone runes I was looking at earlier that day online. I just took that as a sign and bought the set. They’ve worked great so far. Just make sure if you buy commercially that you cleanse and consecrate the set. Who knows what energies they’ve picked up since they were made. These unknown energies can influence a reading and any spell you perform with them.


I too am of the opinion a Vitki should craft their own runes. As far as I’ve gathered, hand crafted by the intended user him/herself is the absolute best option. They don’t have to be perfect and pretty, but you should strive to make them the best you can. Doing the best possible job you can on them both shows them respect and gives you a stronger energetic connection with them, as opposed to just doing a quick half assed job.
I have three sets, two made out of wood and one out of leather. For some reason the wood ones work better for me. Possibly some bad energies related from the way the cow was slaughtered and processed?
If you go the route of making your own, I suggest you learn how to do them properly.
Know how to cut them,
Know how to read them,
Know how to stain them,
Know how to prove them,
Know how to evoke them,
Know how to score them,
Know how to send them


I have three Rune sets. All three work excellent. The first was made from simple paper. I meditated on each Rune before to make the set. Now the paper become old, and I don’t use this set. I carved the second Rune set myself from wood. The third set (from black onyx) was bought at the souvenir shop, when I was on vacation in Sweden. I used simple self-designed ritual to activate the Runes before the first usage. I can notice that handmade and purchased Runes give a comparable result.

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