Help me get rid of my mother

Hey, so yeah, basically what the title says. I tried to hang on but I’m literally googling “how to stop myself from committing suicide” and it’s all because of my mother. Ever since I can remember she never had one good thing to say about me, she thinks I’m less of a person because I’m not super skinny, she doesn’t believe in mental illnesses (aka depression which I suffer from for over a decade now) so all she thinks I am is lazy, dumb and stupid, she doesn’t let me be me, have my own hobbies, I cannot say anything no matter how harmless it is without her yelling at me and insulting me.
I am 28 years old and I don’t have a life, I’m literally in my room trying to fight off suicide thoughts while she is screaming how worthless I am for the past hour.
Unfortunately I am not financially independent to move out, I have an online store that barely makes any profit and I am having absolutely no luck in finding another job.
I don’t know what to do, I’m lost, I’m hopeless, I’m exhausted.

Please help me…

You practise magick?

I was getting started on magick but over the past couple weeks felt too weak, exhausted and unmotivated to continue practicing

Well reconnect with it… Its the only thing you got

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Your only hope

I am in a similar situation with my mother (basically the exact same) so I understand how you feel. My mom is very Christian however, so that limits what kind of magic I can practice. But, there is hope and there is magic you can practice to get you out of your situation. You have the power to create your own reality. Based on the title of your post, I don’t want to get too specific here cos of what you’re implying but I’m deff willing to help if you message me.

Sorry to hear that. Toxic family members are the worst and your mental illness doesn’t help either.
The important thing is not to resort to suicide ever, no matter how bad your life may seem at the moment.

Now, I don’t know how you’re thinking of getting rid of your mother. I am guessing you mean casting a curse or a death spell, which should basically be the last string of hope for you, due to the severity and danger of the spell , especially if you’re an inexperienced caster.
How about some binding and/or manipulation spells? Do you feel that would work?

Yes, I don’t want to kill her but at the same time she is the one making me want to take my own life so I’m desperate and on my limit😔

Yeah, I know how that shit feels. I think you should consider the other two options if you feel like her death is not on your menu. Also, try to talk to a psychologist about your depression.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. It doesn’t matter the age, no one deserves to be verbally abused by anyone. Since you have an online store, maybe try some magick to bring in more business. If you felt like you wanted to get a job, you can try to manifest the job you’re looking for. I agree with the person that suggested binding.


My advice is rather practical than magickal, but you can combine that.
Find a job. Try harder (I’m not saying you’ren ot trying hard already, but try harder) Even if it’s cleaning toilets. Save as much as you can, don’t buy stuff.
And then get an appartment. Doesn’t need to be a good one, just a place to be independent.
And then improve.

As long as you’re dependent from your mother, you will not really get rid of her. And maybe she does not want you to get independent. And you’re letting her win if you believe you can’t make it.


This sounds entirely true of this situation, @DragonsBlood. If she doesnt let you have your own hobbies when you are 28 then she sounds horribly controlling. If she constantly insults you and belittles your mental illness then you will not improve your life by staying dependent upon her. Things will just get worse. So like Helena says, you have to take the initiative to improve your situation through non-magickal means too.

If you can break free from financial dependence upon her your quality of life will improve tenfold. I guarantee it. I did something similar years ago from another family member.

Instead of trying magick that will get rid of your mother. Try magick for job opportunities, financial boons etc to help you with this physical goal of moving out.

I appreciate this is extra hard in the times of the coronavirus and economic uncertainty, but you must try.


Just giving my two cents. Seeing that you have a online store and you mentioned that you barely make anything off it. Why not practice magick and let your business boom with customers or whatever that brings in profit to help you become financially stable and independent. From there on you do what you need to do. Idk maybe moving out and take it from there. That’s just my two cents :man_shrugging:t4:


I tried magick on my business and didn’t work. Is there anything in particular you recommend? Any ritual or a book?

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She don’t make you do nothing. It’s you. you are brainwashed by all the repeated negative suggestions she’s giving you. When someone is bombarded with negative messages day in and out, they become an empty void. That’s why i don’t watch news because it’s all negative BS. They get depress or all of the negative emotions. It builds and builds until someone crack if nothing is done about it. You say it’s been 10 yrs plus so that means your a stronger person than you think for you to tolerate it this long. You need to take control of your thoughts. You can learn it by learning nlp. You just don’t accept any BS talks from her. It’s your life. You believe what you want. Do not believe people who talk shit about you even from family. I don’t take shit from my family. I dish it back if they talk shit cuz i’m more educated and knowledgable than them.

Most Mental illness is just a process of overdoing some thought behavior gone wild. So it’s really not an illness. It’s just bad habits of bad thoughts that you loop. So you learn how to use you mental process to deal with it. You need to get rid of the garbage programming in your head coming from others. Time to do self work. Get productive, get educated, learn to make more money or find work which is tough in this virus situation for all. You just have to fight it all to be independent if you want to get away from her. business is about marketing to get customers to be aware of your available service you provide. So study up on that.


PM me.

Damon brand books, howard vwrnon. And honestly u mom sounds weird but try a go away spell so she can get far from u