Help Me Get Rid Of My Fears

I am a beginner and new to this stuff. I want to do a summoning ritual to summon Satan but I feel like a pussy for some reason. Can anyone give me tips on how to get rid of those fears?

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I tell myself that fear is a lie, or that it points to a lie. The relief I feel is instant.

I summoned Satan once about business. It was fine. Nothing to be afraid of. Satan is quite business-like.

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I know Satan is a beautiful creature and he’s misunderstood. It’s just that I am from a muslim family so I need to get rid of this fear. Also another question is are Lucifer and Satam the same being because there are so many different answers on that.

Thanks I’m planning on making a deal of some sort after some experience

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Do you have any experience at all in magick?

No I’m so new XD. But I’ve been learning and watching videos on it for a while now.

I don’t think Lucifer and Satan are the same. I work with Lucifer regularly, and the energy isn’t the same as Satan.

People refer to Satan as if Satan is one single being. But I was told by spirit that Satan is a conglomerate. /shrug

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I want to make a deal, who would you prefer more? Lucifer or Satan? You see I produce beats and I want help to get it famous, get rappers attentions and blow up and etc you know how it goes.

Satan can help you with business.

Also Paimon can help with strategy, etc.

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I was raised in a strict Christian family, I know these fears. My advice: Dont summon him while you are afraid or feel not comfortable. Get to know him first. Read anything you can, but not from sources who view him as an enemy. If you want to change, you need to try something different. ‘Rites of Lucifer’ by Asenath Mason is a helpful summary, even though parts may be difficult for a beginner.

Are Satan and Lucifer the same being? This question can be answered in many ways and all of them may be correct. You will find your own by doing research and practicing.

Best wishes!


BEFORE YOU CAST ANY SPELL(S): Do your research. The daemonic world is truly powerful and dangerous not only to unintended individuals or even families, but also for your own protection- there are spells for that.

E.A. Koetting and Tim have courses, weekly podcasts and you can be introduced to other’s who have ascended higher than where you are currently at…keep at it though. Your thoughts are probably on getting even or something like that… no offense intended. You can rise slowly or faster based on what research is out there, (Just Google it)… I have had the same desire myself but carefully put together my “BIG SPELL”, and I’m not that much of an experienced myself, but beware, going forth now without doing your “Due diligence” (I hate that phrase) on what protection you need and what your own true intentions are for your spell. Ask a lot of questions too!

I would be a fool if I were to evoke any spirit with out doing my homework.

Patience for me in nearly nil, but I have learned that this forum and its supporters, founder’s, patrols and partners, and not a one of them has ever cast a darkness on what I should do. We are a group of “normal” LOL people who practice the Left Hand Magick thoroughly and spend a lot of time in research.

By no means am I trying to insult your intelligence, or mock you. I know where you’re at coz I’ve been there too!


I actually have not worked with Satan so I cannot say what his personality is like. However, I can share what I have learned from working with Belial. He was the first demon I actually worked with beyond a petition and prior to the ritual, I was neverous to say the least. You never quite know what door you are opening until you do. However, it turned out to be exactly what I needed and I have changed as a person ever since. Fear, while it is a reaction to prevent injury or death to our physical bodies, can actually be a sign that you are going in the right direction when it comes to working with spirits.

So, my advice is to recognize the fear, acknowledge its existed and mediate on its roots, and then go on with research to prepare for the ritual. Courage comes after fear does. Journaling your thoughts may be useful as well as you walk your path. It could lead to a big breakthrough for you


My suggestion? Research the true nature of Satan. I wouldn’t specifically say Satan if you want Lucifer but if you want Shaitan… Try looking for him by his real name. You’ll be amazed just how many people have evoked him in their rituals and been given the answers they wanted.

The idea that all demons are evil was just created to push Christian dogma, but I will not get into that because I’ve begun to respect them as well. I just choose not to follow that path.

The idea of Shaitan is that of the devil’s host. [Correct me if I’m wrong here, that’s just what I’ve gotten out of it.] You are allowing the invocation and interaction with your day to day life with complete manipulation, change and control. The ideal is that you are bringing chaos into your day to day life and allowing it to change whatever is needed to bring order.

I will stand and live by this for the rest of my life :
You cannot have absolute without non-absolute.

As for getting rid of your fears : You just gotta know what you want. Write down the plan before you begin. Read on everything you need to know for your work with said entity. Focus on your work that you plan on implementing with them. Spend some time on it. Dont spend an eternity, but make sure your mind is of solid nature and ready for your conversation with said entity.

Not every entity is out to hurt you but some are not the nicest in terms of giving you the advice you ask for.

And… as for if you meant Lucifer… There is nothing to be afraid. Lucifer is an angel that fell from Heaven for his rebellion against God. There is nothing to be afraid of… He is again an Angel of Judgement and you will be seen as your true self and your answers will be given as you ask them. He is a teacher and generally point you into the direction of the entity you need to speak with.


No no I get what you mean no offense taken. Even the most highest black magicians are ignorant to many things they may never find out because there is just so much in this universe. But thanks for that, I do watch a lot of videos on youtube on the occult and I’ll keep researching before I decide to make a pact.

Lol I’m in a muslim family and raised so thanks for the advice.

thank u so much

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Anything you may need, just reach out and ask… If I can’t do it, I’ll find someone who can!
Best Regards!!!

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Heya! Let me give you a few tips from someone who’s been with infernal power for a while. Satan is a very powerful ruler as we all know. But there are other demons too, all just as powerful but easier to achieve a working matter as a beginner. You may want to look into other demons outside of the big guys. You can find great mentors (ahem King Paimon LOL) to help you down your road, trust me, having a mentor can really help. I hope this can help you out!


What is it that you wish to accomplish?

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bball pro player, famous and successful beat maker, and maybe an artist too

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