Help me fuck my coworker

So i really desire this woman I work with. I want to fuck her silly. Bit im bored with typical fuck. I know I can fuck her. I want tk see if i can do it using magick. How should I approach this


Seriously? :roll_eyes:

Try using the search function.


Out of experience I can say:
Never fuck the company. It will do nothing but damage :grimacing:


from the title, I thought you were inviting us to an orgy, preferably BDSM, lol


ur best bet is to do a lust spell and invoke sitri, that should work. if not dm me and I may be able to find something else.

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You should do a ritual to Astarte. Pink candles … rose petals. Offer fine wine from a glass wine glass… and write your request and read it aloud to her. Draw two hearts … put your name in one and the coworkers in the other. Promise Astarte if she helps you, you will light a pink candle for her on the harvest moon.


Would it be more powerful on a harvest moon?

@James_Blake, from your profile: “Im just a guy searching for whats real and true. I dont know anything. Im open to learning.”

Your post to fuck a co-worker with magick would be neither of those things.


You might not want her once you have her----you might need magic to make her go away! Sometimes desiring someone is more pleasurable than actually having. (That is based on something Spock said in “Amok Time.”)


Very wise.

Never know what could happen

Lemons for Astaroth.

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Eh just start a club with hookers and blackjack. (I’m mostly joking)

But something to consider is will she get you fired over it?


Doubtful. As long as it doesnt cause work drama. But who am i kidding im asking that she be my love slave. This probably not the best course of action

Always good to use the tarot deck before just to iron out any possible unforeseen bad results


Very true…

@James_Blake, think carefully before you seek magick to get this woman to have sex with you. If you already know you can get her, why are you seeking magick? Magick is nothing to be played or toyed with. It may be cute in the beginning, you two screwing around, but what happens when you get bored with her and want something else? What if she turns into an obsessive, possessive, raging stalker that won’t leave you alone, blows your phone up etc. after you’ve had your time with her…you know, because of the magick you did on her??

I’m not trying to discourage you at all, have fun and do you…I’m just trying to give you the dark side of what can happen when playing with magick…because you’re bored.


I really appreciate the guidance and wisdom

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Great post, @Eye_of_Ra.

@James_Blake, you should try this… Very potent. Just be careful if you do not want an obsessed woman, you can state it in your petition.


I’m genuinely curious what this will do, will it offer her power or just a sign of respect?

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I concur.

And if this bleeds out into your work life, the results can be disastrous.