Help me find resources to understand pact-making

Another interesting day in BALG-land.

My reward for helping another member out today was an offer for Lucifuge Rofocale to teach me magick.

And yes, I asked him and my spirit companion if it was ok to talk about this in public. Both said yes. And then I confirmed after doing more research. And both said yes again. lol

First, he made the offer through another member. And then he just showed up and hounded me a bit until I paid more attention. He’s a persistent one. :slight_smile:

I’ve already contacted my spirit companion and had a chat with her in a trance state. They work together and she gave me some things to seriously consider and words of advice.

I’ve also done my research here on the forums and the internet. I think I’ve found as much as I can without help.

And yes, I watched E.A.'s video about his warning from Lucifer’s dark twin.

I’ve had a few chats with him. A couple of rather forceful ones at one point. He understands I’m going to make my own decisions and take the time to perform my due dilligence before I decide to contact him and start a dialogue.

Everything I’ve found seems to say he favors making pacts and I want to prepare myself for that possibility before I make extended contact with him.

He has not requested a pact yet and I’m not crazy about the idea of pacts in general, but I understand the idea.

I already have a non-written “understanding” between myself, my spirit companion (an aspect of Hekate), Raphael, and Belial. I realized afterwards that it was an implicit pact rather than an explicit one and had my “oh shit” moment.

No worries, everything is working fine with that and I believe it’s leading directly to this.

I wouldn’t have thought to contact Lucifuge Rofocale on my own, but I’m growing very quickly and he’s able to further the growth I’ve already started.

So where do I find the best information to understand the specifics of making a written pact, just in case it comes to that?

Does E.A. have any material on it available in an affordable form? I’m thinking something in the ebook range rather then the courses.

I’m just not in the right financial situation at this moment to pour money into this. That will most likely change relatively quickly if I agree to work closely with Lucifuge.

I’d rather learn from someone else’s experience in this situation than blindly forge ahead and learn a lesson the hard way. lol

First, search pact by author E.A. on here using the Search function - I just did and there are several results that look promising. :slight_smile:

Also, hopefully someone with better knowledge of E.A.'s books can contribute on this regarding the e-books.

I'd rather learn from someone else's experience in this situation than blindly forge ahead and learn a lesson the hard way. lol

For whatever it’s worth, I put most of what I know about pacts in this post - remember most pacts go both ways, that spirit IS likely to ask you to do things for them, and unless you get boundaries in that reflect who you are, and not who you wish to be (or - worse - think you “should” be) you may be confronted with requests you’re just not capable of fulfilling.

I’m adding my take on this because I come from a different background than E.A. insofar as I didn’t start out with black magick, satanic stuff and so on, and hopefully other people with firsthand experience of pacts that have worked in the long-term will be able to add a comment as well? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Eva. You’re always a great help. I didn’t about searching for E.A.'s posts on the subject.

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This is what you are searching for…

Forum necromancy @Lady_Eva, tried clicking on your link and got a this post doesn’t exist or is set to private? Guessing it’s the former?

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