Help me curse for revenge

Hello my name is sok and someone cursed my lover and i to break up. We know how, who, when, and which method they used to hex. I even have this persons personal sigil theu were dumb enough to get tattoo’d and post to social media.

I do know how to curse but i want to be creative as i have not experiment with cursing much.

Please share ideas and help me.

My idea right now is to combine hieroglyphs into a disk shaped sigil with beelzebub, satan, and astaroths sigils.

-I used the word method and drew one up with 2 sigils at the bottom right and left quadrants of the circle and satans sigil at the top.
-The words i used for line work was “[gfs name] is protected from all hexes, curses, and intentions from [dude who hexed us]. May beelzebub and father satan bless this sigil”
-I included astaroths sigil as my patron deity.
-I chose to work with these 3 because i use the egyptian paradigm.

What i want from the curse: i want the person to suffer for all the times hes done this.

My gf tells me the same things that broke us up happened in her first relationship as well and the dude who hexxed her had done the same thing(hung out as friends, smoked, got a saliva sample, and had her touch a hexed object he made) this man has been destroying relationships and dropping the women after he fucks them for years

P.s. i do not want a love spell to get her back. We are already working on things as my guides had warned us of the hex. I want this man cursed and gone :smiling_imp:


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