Help me curse a whole server (city) in Mafia city maybe?

You don’t have to do a full spell, simply cleanse your aura, you’ll fix most of that.

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yes that also helps, but maybe not fully

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lmao. I play this game as well.
Don’t emotionally invest yourself so much into that game if you can’t handle it. The developers of Mafia City have designed it to where the game is a virtual casino — it works on predatory salesman tactics and can spike egos in that game.

I am a big spender on Mafia city, but that comes from another lane of income so I do not touch my job’s income because I’ve spent thousands already.

Mafia City works just like the real world, it’s a constant economy with fluctuations. If you can’t handle the range and varieties of people on it, I suggest changing to another city or stop complaining entirely. I know how annoying it can get, but it’s a game lol.


Ahhhhhh…another fellow player, city 520 here, the city has gone to hell, it is said all that remains are the sounds of the echos of past players and dead clans, lmfao

yes obviously not too much emotional investment, but i been kicked out of every clan and treated like shit 4 nothing, lmao

i cant change cities, i am 520

People can act in any way, shape or form they want to. If you react, you’ve immediately exchanged some of your power to them.

Yes, I understand they can be belittling, racist, sexist, downright plain fucking rude but these are all just words at the end of the day.

This game always seems to attract a lot of people from all walks of life so within the first few weeks I was already seeing homicidal and suicidal threats and people acting real fucking weird on the city chat.

It is what it is. This game isn’t good for people with fragile mental health or addictive personalities. Just block it out and focus on your troops and mansion.

Don’t fret, Mafia City was exactly designed to be a chaotic game — this is so it drives people to spend money and exert more time into that game which is why people are on it when they should be sleeping… it’s very constant.

LOOK OUTSIDE! It’s better anyway.

When it’s dark, looks for the stars,
When it rains, look for the rainbow.


how much power do you have lol

i mean im ending also cause lucifer suggested it and hes right

come to my city and burn my ex clan

Lol, you’re one of the younger city revellers on that game I can tell. Just relax, it’s a game. You are investing too much. I’ve spent thousands and don’t particularly care. I have nothing to lose. Have that mentality, be a bit mature when you are on that game, it earns respect more than being a whiny bitch

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true, but am i a whiny bitch when i whine? but the others no? lol see thats the funny part, everyone seems to take it out on the game, meanwhile me i just got there to avoid suicide

maybe my state was too weak, maybe i draw from my life, but i dont like the personal attacks and manipulations

i already placed a curse on someone there lmao

But you’ll receive this in the real world as well. The cyber world is the one where you’d be exposed more to this kind of stuff anyway. No one would say those things to your face as they do in the game.

Money talks. Words are words.
I’ve seen players spend 80 grand and act like children and seen players spend less than $300 and act very noble.

Like I said, and mind you this thread is getting a bit off topic… Mafia City is a game that can be tyrannical, bullying and abusive. If you can’t handle it, find another game that is friendly for your needs.

Obviously, you cannot cope if a game is getting to you — and there were several players who had left due to extremely sad or poor circumstance. It’s just life. We all got problems. We all make mistakes. Tomorrow is a new day.

I’m signing off this thread.



lol ok my friend, bye thx for the input :blush: