Help, Maps Of The Universe?

Do you know of any good resources on the various trees of life/cosmology maps of the world?

Any religion or author would do (the more the merrier in fact), it just needs to explain its system in a very basic and simple way.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

How about this?

Don’t ask me to explain it, but my money’s on it resembling something like that.

I’ve always found the fractal Archon Model interesting. Archon creates everything, and it’s creations are archons in their own right too, so they create, and their creations create.

I’ve always heard it presented according to scale. Sun dreams up the planets, planets dream up the moons, and so on as far down either end of the scale you want to go.
The way I see it is, I dream up some dream characters, and while they exist, perhaps those dream characters have dreams of their own which contain dream characters too. Where does it start? Where does it end?

What exactly are wanting Lady Eva, I have a book I could recommend but not sure it’s what you are seeking. It’s about the tree of life, the Irish Celtic tree wheel and using trees for magick and how they can help your life if you follow the tree wheel throughout the year. Not really sure what’s in that book, have not read it yet, but I have read the intro on the back.

It’s a project with a friend, the reason I asked such an open question is, I don’t really use models like that - even the core shamanism World Tree & its Upper, Middle & Lower worlds doesn’t always apply when I work, there being far more than just those 3 levels.

I was hoping to collect some names or sample diagrams, maybe book title recces, I know about the Qlippoth & Norse tree but not sure about the other possible versions that link the cosmos to a tree or similar diagram. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t use any tree or established structure as they are all made up from other peoples world views, not to mention very static and limited to say the least! (which is why you may have trouble using these ideas in the shamanistic sense).

Whenever I wish to use a matrix, I lay out the tarot to represent the planets and the zodiac etc from the major arcana. I use the aces to represent the elements and the court cards to represent personality types. If you are connected with the tarot then you will have the best matrix in the world, which is certainly better than any cabbalistic crap.

It must become a pleasing but well ordered structure so it resonates with you and that’s the secret to forming a rapport with it. The tarot covers every correspondence in existence so for me anyway, I like it the best. When I was a child, there was a program on TV in the 70’s called ‘The Tomorrow people’ and in one of the episodes, there was this women inside a spaceship and she structured the entire universe with the deck and made all her decisions through it as well. I thought this was fuckin amazing at 7 years old, so from then on I wanted a tarot deck i[/i].

I have used the deck since I was 17 so as you can imagine, I bring it into my own rituals and personal world view. When using a structure like the tarot, you are free to manipulate it as and when your own internal and external views change. Once this connection occurs Eva, it works in reverse so if you start to change the matrix, you will find your own world view changing to fall into alignment with the new structure and hence, your personality and life can also follow suit.

Building your own personal matrix is very powerful indeed as it blends with your belief structure, it needs to be nurtured with care and established over time. The results however are far more dynamic than someone else’s cosmology or tree. I hope this helps and I hope you can see the potential in these ideas?

I have indeed been doing that from the start, that’s why I’m under-educated about the topic! :slight_smile:

These are what I want right now though, so… :wink:

in ancient times, the stories of the stars were told using babylonian mnemonic symbols to explain the legends of the constellations and lunar mansions, and also in egypt with the dendera zodiac. in the east in india and china they had their own astrological constellations and lunar mansions, and their stories are completely different from the west. it is helpful to study their models which are different but powerful nonetheless.

the western stories of the planets are a bit more complicated. ptolemy’s geocentric model was accepted for centuries until copernicus’ heliocentric model was proven more correct by galileo. from there, additional planets were discovered and continue to be discovered to this day. in india, the seven classical planets had two invisible planets added, and in china, there were five planets. more here.

the stories of the building blocks of the universe are again complicated. different cultures view them differently, giving rise to many different opinions.

the points and channels of energy are represented by the world tree, which ties the three stories (heaven, earth/planets, and man) together. according to the ancients, the universe is shaped like the body of man, and in esoteric science the world tree has a practical counterpart in the energy bodies, for example the middle pillar in judaism, the chakra system in india, the microcosmic orbit (governing and conception vessels) in china.

finally, you have your energy types. all of the different cultures have their names for different types of energy, vril, qi, arche/ashe, prana, orgone, etc. there are as many ways of cultivating and managing this energy as there are systems, but the universal methods for doing so are through yoga sitting/qigong dances, or hypnotic meditation.

between the stories of heaven/the stars, the stories of the planets, the elements of creation, the energy highways of the world tree, and the types of energy that flow between the worlds, you have your esoteric models.

i wish i could show you a model you haven’t heard of yet for more info, but i tend to stick to the standard ones. some of the more well-known scientific ones are here. can’t help you on hte magickal models, many of them seem to be made on flights of fancy and personal observation so they are more personal and gnostic than factual.

Nice and comprehensive, thanks! :slight_smile:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:1, topic:5986”]Do you know of any good resources on the various trees of life/cosmology maps of the world?

Any religion or author would do (the more the merrier in fact), it just needs to explain its system in a very basic and simple way.

Thanks in advance! :)[/quote]

Greetings, so long time posting
I recommend “The book of Deviations” from Don Karr a Kabbalistic Cosmogony book with some graphical terms well explained mixing both Sephirotic and Qlipphotic but from the Eternal point of view…but of course is not an unified system of explanation…
Other option would be the texts of Kenneth Grant that defines four trees or four instances on the kabbalistic cosmogony Sephiroth-Qlipphoth-DeepOnes-OuterOnes…

Theres a novel from someone who claimed being in the Anunnaki times that explains almost the same that JJ Hurtak explains on the Book of Knowledge but the latter is based on the “sacred conception of structure” and the intervention of the Outer Ones described better by Kenneth Grant.

Hope this will be useful, If i understood the answer

Yes it does, thanks! I think that now gives me enough to work with, thanks everyone. :slight_smile: