Help, magic with Asmodeus

Yesterday I did an Evocation of Asmodeus, it is really very interesting to feel his energy, he injected me with energy.

I asked asmodeo that my target (woman) be filled with lust for me and this morning she tells me that she dreamed that her ex asked her out. He says he never dreamed of him and just at night it happened to him. clearly it was Asmodeus but what would have been my mistake
What went wrong with my target?
thanks again greetings!

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Typically what I always say with lust spells is they don’t create it but just magnify what’s there.

That’s why some work and some don’t.

With Asmodeus be specific that you want lust for you and if you were I’d just let him do his work.

Mabye her dream about her ex is just Asmodeuss starting process, mabye she was actually lusting for you and just trying to make you jealous so you’d pursue her… but in reality the only thing that matters is that you were specific to Asmodeus and the rest is up to him :wink:

Wait a few days… That’s my strategy. See what else happens and after say a couple of weeks consult Asmodeus and try again.

He’s honest about what you did to if you just want to ask him for a sign. Just ask for a clear one only you’d understand so there’s no doubt :metal:


thanks for answering @Undying.Embers Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
I’ll wait to see what happens :smiley:

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I’ve worked with Asmodeus before, he’s gotya don’t worry. I’m excited to hear your results as well.

Keep me posted :metal:

This thread is perfect for you to record any details you come across as well in your path with him.

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