Help! Local resources please - Concord, NC

:sweat_smile: Warning - autistic overshare

lol @E.A told ya I was gonna write one :stuck_out_tongue: I just thought it was gonna be on fb

I find myself needing to get moved out of my mom’s house (don’t judge me, disabled semisingle mom) quickly. Due to a history of having trouble keeping up with cleaning the house, and my 8 year old having PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance - basically if someone tells her to do something, if it feels like a demand, she essentiallycan’t do it) in addition to being autistic with ADHD and anxiety….CPS has been super shady and removed my 3 youngest children from my custody (mom technically has custody of my son, and he’s a bulky autistic 16 year old). They are with a temporary care provider that we know until Tuesday, when they will be separated into foster care. I was not told before they went to temporary care that I would not be getting them back when the house was clean

Since they left I’ve been working as much as I can trying to clean, sort, and get rid of as much as I can to try to make it so cleaning will be easier to keep up with - and then I got notified that my mom can’t even get custody if I’m in the house. Super shady shit they didn’t tell me any of this, I heard it from my mom after she talked to the CPS worker.

I have Sitri working on the CPS bit (she volunteered when I pinged every fucking immortal on this and several other planets), and Shub Niggurath is helping with my emotional state (I’ve spent 98% of my awake time dissociating in order to function). I just recently found out Buer is helping with my housing situation, and is prompting me to write this post here. I’m running all of it by them before posting.

Help needed:

I have nowhere to go. I’m willing to be homeless for my children (I’ve been homeless before, I can deal if I have to) but I’d rather not have to. I’m not necessarily asking anyone for a place to stay - I’m going to check the shelter after I’m finished packing. I’m not asking for money. All my bills are paid for the year, other than things like consumables.

My “boyfriend” (using the term loosely, we’re basically snugglebuddies with occasional “benefits”) doesn’t have room for me because he’s a hoarder in a small house. Neither of my local friends have room for other reasons.

About me:

I’ll be 40 on October 19. I am autistic with ADHD, anxiety, depression, CPTSD (basically PTSD but from repeated traumas over time), and auditory processing issues…and no sense of smell to speak of, oddly enough. My “Family Planning” medicaid doesn’t cover therapy, so I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself, and recently got the deification done by JS. I’ve had a lot of spiritual help.

I’ve been pathworking the meta since around 1998, and have experimented with my abilities here and there depending on urge and need. I am claircognizant, an Oracle, and majickally eclectic. My natural energy tends to neutralise everything, and if you’re empathic you won’t get a darn thing off of me that you don’t really want to. Shielding is a brilliant invention, and it’s a special skill of mine.

I work a lot with nonphysical people. I do not require enns, meditation, or even more than a moment’s focus to reach out - and sometimes not even that :sweat_smile: - to essentially any nonphysical person anywhere. I like to consider myself a decent person, so I do respect when they’re busy or otherwise not available.

My abilities tend to focus on the platonic “feel-goods” of others. It’s probably a defensive trauma response thing, but it works for me. I love helping people feel better, especially about themselves. I am feline and vulpine, and a support/healer by nature. My astral form is a polymorph, but the base is a fennec neko kitsune with purple hair and ears, and purple and blue tails. I do my own version of “human evocation” in that form. I’m an equal opportunity Oracle - all nonphysical people are just people to me. Some more powerful than others, all of them look different, but it’s just whatever. They’re still people.

I am super fucking open, and autistic overshare is obviously a thing…don’t ask me anything you don’t actually want to know.

I’m sorry the post is a bit scattered, I have no idea what sort of help to actually expect anyone to be able to give…but I generally try to go with what I’m #spiritled to do. Mahalo for reading this far! I’m trying to get all my belongings down to a large bin, my large suitcase, my computer, and my staff. After posting this I will get back to it.

I have no idea how to edit my post, and don’t currently have the patience to poke around to find out :sweat_smile: So I’m posting an update on my situation via commentary.

I’ve been working almost to the point of burnout, trying to get all my things sorted. I have one bin full, my large suitcase holds all my clothes except for my winter coat (massive thing with huge pockets, I love it), half another bin packed, and I still have to sort my bin of papers (ugh), my milk crate of desk items, an overflowing bin of electronic stuff (mostly cords, some computer parts), my bathroom things, and my kitchen things. I’m super glad I picked bins with wheels for my packing, because my one fully packed bin is super heavy.

My guides have been having me watch Tiny House Nation on Netflix during breaks and downtime. I enjoy it, fascinating stuff. After I’ve done round one of sorting all the things, I get to see about consulting with a local tiny house builder - despite not being able to drive anymore (dissociation makes that hazardous) and not having anywhere to put one yet.

My girls were split up - my 8 year old is with the same temporary care provider, and my two youngest are with a couple I don’t even have the contact information for yet. I had my first visitation with all of them today since they were split last Tuesday. All of them want to come back with me. My two youngest were crying when I had to leave.

Last night I almost spent the night outside, because mom wanted me out…I was outside until 2am, but was too cold to sleep (silly me forgot to check the weather, and I was wearing a tank top. ) I got the door open to come get my coat so I could sleep, but mom caught me and just told me to sleep on the bed.

Today I had a covid test (required to be able to sleep at the shelter), but the results don’t come back for 2-4 days. At least they get emailed. Mom wants me to talk to my bf about staying with him, but my guides are telling me not to initiate that conversation. It won’t go well if I bring it up…and I can’t bring myself to ask him anyway. Super personal autistic overshare I’ve been a burden my entire life, and I can’t ask it of him. I have enough trouble asking him to visit for movie/game/snuggles, I just…can’t. I’m not there yet.

Erf. Still spending most of my time dissociating. Kinda have to, can’t afford a breakdown, and I still have no Safe Place. (never have in my life).

I apologise for my rambling, thank you anyone for reading.