Help! & Intro

I did some mistakes in the past and i’m deeply regretting it
I wanna know is there way to make people forget about something specific or simply just change their minds?

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There’s not an easy way to accomplish erasing other people’s memories, but there are many glamour and success-related methods so that they view you as you are now in a more favourable way.

Do you have any experience with doing magick before now?

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Ok don’t just erase just change

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Actually I had a fight with my gf
Now she is extremely angry with me
I want her back

I’m extremely upset please help

Search for “honey jar spell” and see if that can sweeten her feelings towards you.

But is there any way like asking a spirit for help

I’m not good at casting spells

You could try praying to the goddess Hathor to ask her to encourage your girlfriend to feel love towards you again.

That does not require spells or sigils or anything complicated, it’s like making a telephone call in your head.

Read about her first and have this open on your screen when you pray:

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I want to ask something if you have time

Please guide me how could I do that
I have no previous connection with any spirit
Will she help me and how and when?

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I know I’m being doubtful
But please tell are these all spirits real
Do they really listen

I just listened to Hathor s invocation on YouTube
I begged in my mind to bring my love back to my life felt little bit relieved
I hope she help me

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Welcome @change Please tell us about yourself. This post doesn’t really meet our requirement for a proper introduction.

Where are you from?

You said you have no experience with magick, so is this the first time you have tried doing a spell?

Have you had any experiences with the paranormal or spirits before?


no experience
just a normal person
i’m crying for help please i really want her back

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I can’t assist more, sorry, please read the Greetings message I sent for tips on where to find info here. :+1:


Try these pointers:

  • Where do you come from?
  • What magick have you tried so far?
  • How long have you been doing magick?
  • Do you have any philosophical or religious restrictions of the type of magick you would do?

(We don’t need any identifying info, we don’t want your real name, your gender, sexual preferences or pronouns, these are not relevant to most magickal discussions, and not our business. If you want to share, no-one will be offended either.)

I’m from Punjab
I have just known about Demons sometimes tried to contact just by calling them in my mind never succeeded
Now situation has arrived that I really need a spirit to help me out

Can you pm me please

Ok, I will do that.

You have already been given 3 things to do as a newbie, (two here, one by me on another thread) you should try at least one of them before asking the same question again.

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