Help interpreting spread to determine deity/spirit

I was doing a tarot spread with my friend to help interpret a spirit that has been present with me most of my life. I’ve done my own research and I have found some possible answers. I believe the spirit or deity is connected with the sun and creativity (makes me think Apollo but I’m not sure). I don’t gravitate or practice a specific pantheon right now so it’s a bit tricky. I’m very new to divination, but this was the spread.

  • Being: The Fool Trait
  • Usually Negative: Page of Cups Trait
  • Usually Positive: The Devil
  • What they Rule over: Knight of Wands (Reversed)
  • Something associated with them: Six of Wands (Reversed)

Here is what we wrote down too.

Call out to it and ask it to manifest itself in some way or the other

I haven’t practiced. Like I said, I’m extremely new to this and don’t have proper training to manifest. My friend who is a much more experienced witch suggested asking for help interpreting.

Just verbally call out to the spirit , that’s easy

Is that something that a beginner who has no training would be able to do safely? I’d rather not call out to a spirit I have no intention of doing anything with.

It can be pretty safe for beginners if you cast a circle to protect yourself. May only the true ones enter and only those who do not have malicious intent toward you or your study and/or practice. You ultimately control that space, so you get to set the rules and boundaries. But if you’re new, I would suggest at least some meditation training before you jump right into it, as casting a circle, in my experience, is a lot easier when you’ve practiced your visualization at the very least.

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Friend and I did pendulum together and turns out he’s been sending me signs for my whole life. I had almost every stone associated with Apollo in my own collection without even being into magick until tonight. I also happened to have a candle of an associated color casually in my house. Apollo probably thought I was dumb as hell for taking this long.

Nothing wrong with Apollo. Sun, fire, heat, music, and colors of morning and evening. Gold amonst the azure blue jewel. I saw that spread and was like “wow.” Thought you eere tapping a current I enjoy. I haven’t been in much but i decided on a whim to pop up. Nothing like 2 scoops of Apollo in the morn.

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Innocence and new beginnings. Emotionally immature. Materialism and bondage. Restraint and indecision. Lack of acknowledgment and shame.

Not sure who fits this. You tried automatic writing or pendulum by chance?

We did pendulum and found it to be Apollo. It makes sense as I am a baby witch who just broke out of Christianity with the new beginnings and also the theme of the sun and fire in the cards.