Help interpreting dream messages/GD

Hello. Still dont know who my gd is but i have some idea from various messages. Id like some help and suggestions.

1st, i have the mark of hermes so i thought maybe thoth was my guardian deity. Mark of hermes is the mark of the healer which is awesome since im a caretaker

2nd, had a dream where a hawk(looked like a hawk) flew to my arm and then i woke up. I was atop a mountain.

3rd, ive randomly gotten a wiff of frankincense, i was the only one in the room who could smell it. This was during my studying.

4th, had a dream where i moved into a house we realized was haunted and eventually i left and was in my city but it was empty. A wolf came up to me and we ran through the city together. The wolf guided me back to the house where my gf was being fucked by someone else(guessing that was a warning that she will become unfaithful). Noteworthy that in the dream i thought"oh yea everybody is gone because of the war"

5, had a dream where i had something alive in my stomache, the paramedic shown up and said “shouldnt have eaten people”. In the ambulance, i cut open my stomache, pulled out a blonde lump of hair, and then stapled my stomache. Then i was suddenly in my bathroom with a man and a woman. The man had dark hair and dressed like a lucifer(from the show). They said “we didnt do this to you, but we can help you protect yourself”. Then they did something to me like gave me a “gift” and i woke up.

6, i had been working on merkaba activation, next thing i know i sit up out of my body and see an 18th century girl pacing at the end of my bed. Scared me so i woke up.

7, ive had 2 dreams with the same blonde woman appearing, she had blue eyes and i remember thinking “she seems like she knows me”.

8, was doing my merkaba meditation when i saw green aura, pillars, started seeing sacred geometry, and then i heard a very calm male voice “not many humans make it here. Congrats–” once i became aware i got excited and woke up.

The numbers 222,333, and 555 keep appearing. The aura is literally like sunlight on a subtle sunburn. It stings but is a warm glow. I think the gd works on my chakras while i meditate. I can feel the entity climb on top of me or sit next to me and touch me. When she does my muscles twitch, i assume this to represent blockages coming undone.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Makes me wonder, the first God you mention was Hermes, even if you discarded it for Thoth, But I do feel Hermes energy in your writing, is very eclectic, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and nothing is too deep, thats the very nature of Hermes curiosity and fastness, now the surgery you mention is has to do with hands abilities, (related to Mercury , Hermes), and in that particular dream, makes me think he was making an allusion to the greek pantheon, remember Chronos eating up his sons. and the hawk was sacred to Hermes (went to a mountain were the ancient greek lived in kind of)

well if you get to contact with him, remember many times he comes as messenger from the Hellenic Gods, so maybe the ancient greek Gods are calling you to work with them.

There is a lot of associations you pointed out that i was unaware of. Thanks, ill dig into this.

It is funny you mention curiosity and fastness because, even before the occult, i told people that i jump between my obsessions and get bored of them quickly

I have no idea what a guardian deity is by definition but what if what you’re looking for is just the god that’s associated with your sun sign?

Like, I’m a Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, and I’m possessed by Hathor. Hathor is the Egyptian Venus. I’m also Isis, who was a later version of Hathor.

You mention Hermes. Hermes is Mercury. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Are you a Virgo? That would fit with the caretaking. In that case, the god you’re looking for is Hermes/Mercury/Thoth (and whatever other cultures call him).

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Virgo is my moon sign and i was born under a full moon

What’s your sun sign?


That’s Neptune/Poseidon stuff, which I don’t really get from what you said above, but I don’t know very much about the mythology of it.

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you could also see in your natal chart if you have Jupiter retrograde, that could be an indicator of ancient religions trying to reach out for you
maybe you have it and now because of a transit Jupiter is activating so you could get a call from the ancient gods.

That is quite a story with many visions. The hawk is often seen as a messenger from the spirit world (often the devine or angels) and signals a time when you need to focus on what’s ahead and prepare for a role of responsibility. Like the hawk, you are ready to fly higher than ever before.

How are you seeing all these numbers?

Receipts, scores, random spam phone calls, people randomly texting me “you sent that message at 2:22”

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Im still learning to read the charts, jupiter is in my sun sign tho

Numerology has many meanings with the number 222 suggests a sense of balance. The numbers 222 could also mean peace and harmony is moving forward with luck and having faith in yourself, trust your instincts.

The hawk and the wolf could be animal spirit guides. So look into that. Also look up shapeshifting as that could be relevant.

I think i figured out the numbers.

I see them in this order, 222, 333, 555

555 is a combination of 222 and 333

2 is the feminine aura, 3 is the masculine, thus 5 is the god head(ascension of the twin serpents)

Dunno what my gd wants me to do with that but thats what ive found

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Yeah but it is not retrograde…
The thing is people with Jupiter retrograde sometimes activated by a transit can get a call to ancient belief systems.
but this is not the case, anyway you should know how do you feel about Hermes for example or other entities maybe they can give you more light on the matter
anyway I cannot look into your transits to see this cause this is not the case of Jupiter retrograde.

What your doing is adding up the numbers which might not be the correct interupatation of the signs that are being sent. Each number has its owm interupatation or symbolic meaning and should be read as a separate meaning.

For example 5 is a powerful number in many forms of divine reading. 5 represents freedom, exploration, travel, and change. 555 is triple of the number 5 increasing its power. 555 indicates that a powerful change is coming.

Many people are receiving this numbers you should try to search more about that
I also received numbers different than yours, there’s even a 333 phenomena site in facebook for people getting that number.
I got an answer from those numbers but is quite odd, but anyway it makes sense to me.
I will message about it.

So our feelings towards certain deities could indicate a connection?

The only correlation ive found is that every demon ive been drawn to has an egyptian alias, i assumed this to indicate i was an egyptian worshipper at one point in time.

Does thoth have any other names?

Appreciate the help a bunch

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Im gonna focus on hermes who i believe to be thoth and see if i can get an answer from him. Thanks for all your knowledge