Help in keeping a secret

I have a question .Suppose I have a secret I don t want people to know, especially one person. I have recently found out that certain people already know. Is there any spirit that might help me keep that secret from spreading?

Depends on what your relationship is with said person? What is the relationship? Your going after a certain guy and so have competition?

Yeah, it 's about a guy too, but it 's not only about him. It s about the secret not being spread ( small city, u know how it is). And most defintely I don t want this guy to know. I wanna KILL the secret :)))

Oh do some magick to create a distraction? I think the ones who know the secret must be protecting the guy.

Ba’el or any of the spirits listed for “invisibility” should be able to help.

Well you could do both. A Social distraction spell or spirit will make you invisible as they will be too fixated on something else. But yeah there is a number of spirits in the goetia like Bael.

Thx guys.

Zagan is supposed to help with concealing secrets. Someone actually made a great post about him on that very subject here:

I think I am might be in the same boat. I am in a small town and want to keep love affairs secret and I have some competition