Help I'm new

I keep seeing purple everywhere. when i close my eyes and when. they r open . does anyone have any idea what this may mean or b ? I don’t know but its very pretty and lately everything i buy now is purple. hope its a good thing ! Thx

Violet purple is a very psychic colour, its related to yesod, the ninth sephira, related to psychic stuff and dreams. Yes it seems a good sign, follow the rabbit, Alice

I see it while meditating not just purple but that color is the most powerful. The only time I see it with my eyes open is when I’m in a dark room watching tv and not when I’m concentrating only when I’m staring at the tv and not really watching. Years ago I thought it was a vision problem, but now I know it’s not because it doesn’t happen all the time.

Same here I used to and still see, “glowing spots” in the air when in classroom. I thought I was sick or something lol

I see colors floating around quite a bit too.I also constantly see the static rain EA talks about.This has been going on since I was a child.I always thought I had bad eyesight or did too much But it’s most intense when I meditate.I can see energy everywhere.Now if I could only see the spirits I try to evoke.

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What I see isn’t colorful spots but more like an explosion of colors that then roll like waves from the point of explosion if that makes sense. Yesterday when I was opening a sigil for Asmoday, I experienced the same thing with deep purple/violet being the most intense, also the color would roll like seeing a wave from in the sky and then the purple would sit in shattered prices on the sigil for a few seconds, then the lines would vibrate and another explosion of color would repeat itself.

I have a similar experience with sigils.When I charge and open them they start flashing yellow.However the past couple days they look like they’re being covered in shadow.The shadow will then usually drift off the sigil and float around the surface of whatever the sigil is on.I have no idea what this means as my main problem is that even after opening the sigils I feel no presence of a spirit what so ever.

I don’t necessarily feel the spirit all the time either however it works every time, and the more I do it the better and quicker the results. I’ve only used sigil magic maybe 8 times with everyone being a success, and I have a huge problem with the detachment…