Help Identifying A Word

So it s a bit off topic but i have invoqued Rosier and asked him if he has a Word he wants to say to me …the Word was pyaab . When i googled it i got a Word from the bible written în a language i do not know
anyone knows ?

This was the best I could find, using google translate set to “detect language” then playing around a bit on versions that sound the same, like phonetic spelling of words if you know what I mean?

peyab = Haitian Creole - payable - and Rosier has info about “Rosier is French for “rose tree” or “rose bush”, and is a common surname in Francophone countries.”

Haitian Creole is a french-based language -

It sounds like he’s asking to be paid?

BUT I’m not a linguistics expert, I mean not by a long way, so don’t take this as fact, just what I found that could be completely wrong, I’m only posting it because it makes sense in context. :slight_smile:


I found the same word pyaab on those sites about the bible and also don’t know what that means, sorry.

The bible site you are looking at appears to be in the language: Iu Mien. The Iu Mien language (Thai: ภาษาอิวเมี่ยน) is one of the main languages spoken by the Yao people in China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and, more recently, the United States in diaspora. I can’t translate it, but if you know someone from one of those regions maybe they can.

thanks a lot guys! you are awesome.
That makes a lot of sense Lady Eva…I will call for Rosier again and see how he wants me to pay him.

Lady Eva is right. French is my mother tongue, African French so the accent sounds also creole-like. and payable is more likely. but exact pronunciation in creole would be pee-yar-ber.But if I am guessing the pronunciation you got, it was peh-yaab, right? So go with payable as the sense conveyed here.