Help Identifying a Visual Phenomenon


Often when relaxed or in bed and I look out of the bedroom door into the darkness of the hallway or even against a wall under full light I see what appears to look like horizontal blinds made up of energy with each second slat being light and the other dark. It is obviously energy of some sort. It doesn’t really move but is something that I see often. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what it could be? Has anyone else seen the same kind of thing? It’s something that has always been a mystery to me.

Kind of looks like this but in an energy sense;


You could very well be seeing the lines of flux of some sort of field. Magnetic or other. Or possibly the remnants of some astral structure from times long past?


Cheers, DKM! The strange thing is that I observe it pretty much anywhere I go indoors if I am relaxed and have been previously doing energy work, not just one specific place. The lines of flux or field of some sort could very well be what it is. It is strongest when looking out through a doorway from a lightened room into the dark of the doorway. Like a two or three foot section of horizontal energy slats like the picture, in my direct field of vision. If I move my eyes up or down it adjusts to that position. I also get that subtle pressure of energy connection on my eyes when looking at it. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen the same thing too many times, and I still don’t know what it is, but you’re not the only one. :slight_smile:


Sounds to me like your psychic sight (Spiritual Eye) is waking up… :wink: Z


I’m glad I’m not the only one, Gemma. It could have a lot to do with years of practicing Yogic meditations and the like so I have developed the more passive psychic or clairvoyant faculties within myself moreso than the active magical aspects which is why I’m here(to begin!). In the past when I was into Vampirism a lot more, these grid like energy patterns use to appear all the time. I put it down to attuning to subtle energies so you probably are right Zoe. :slight_smile: I may try to scry into these patterns I see and see if I can work out what they are.