Help Identifying a Goddess?

Help identifying a Goddess?

Hey. I’m a newcomer in here but I’ve been lurking on this site for a long time.
First of all, sorry if I’m breaking any rule by posting this. I’m pretty sure I don’t, but still. And please excuse any grammar mistake in this text, since english isn’t my native language.

Now, getting straight to the point: Last year, on early January I did a prayer on a Dark Moon night to find my patron/matron god/goddess. I followed the instructions I found in a website about paganism and witchcraft and I asked to get the signals in a dream. A couple weeks later, I think it worked. It was a feminine, motherly energy. I couldn’t see her because she was blindingly bright (a human figure that radiated a strong white light), she hugged me and she was so warm, I felt safe, loved and comfortable in her arms, and she was saying a lot of positive things to me. It felt fullfiling. I know this is all kinda vague, BUT I think the night it all happened is the sacred “correspondencies” I need help with: It happened on the early morning of Monday January 21st and we had a beautiful Blood Moon at that time (I’m from the Southern Hemisphere and I fell asleep that night watching the eclipse through my window). And here comes the thing that confuses me (and others) a lot: I asked for her name and I got the name Sekhmet, not from herself though, it just appeared on the dream after that. Pagans who worship egyptian deities have told me what I describe doesn’t seem to be Sekhmet’s energy and for what I’ve read about her, it really doesn’t resonate. My guesses are that this dream was definitely REAL, I know a goddess was trying to make contact that night. But my mind must have got tricky when I asked for the name, because during the weeks before the event, the first person I saw talking about paganism worshipped Sekhmet and the site I was learning the most was run by a girl who had her as her matron too. But it’s weird because even though I truly respect the Lioness and her power, I never felt close or deeply interested towards her.

I asked a couple more times for some clues, but nothing happened. Or at least I didn’t notice. There was a time I discovered I had coincidences with Hathor (because of my birthday, etc) and also, even more with norse goddess Frigg. But they never actually made any contact (I still feel interested in working with them, though).

So… anyone has an insight? Anyone could help in any form? I’ll be grateful of any comentary, tip or experiencies you guys would like to share with me.

I personally wouldn’t take a bunch of pagans word on it, a matron/patron while many can share the same, they won’t treat or convey a message the same way all the time to each one who follows them. However Sekhmet and Hathor are siblings/children of Ra so it’s understandable for those two.

Sometimes we find out that the thing we’re least drawn to is actually what we’re most connected to, in my years I’ve come to find a lot of what I have currently, or found out about myself I was never really drawn to so it brought loads of doubt to me, so I’ve had many many tarot readings, scans, dives, over the course of almost 2 decades to confirm truth from lie about my experiences.

I say follow the breadcrumbs to see where it leads you.


I must agree with the issue of being connected to unexpected stuff. In recent years I’ve found comfort in things I used to despise. Witchcraft and paganism being some of them.

And honestly, I remember when I did my first (and to this day, only) tarot reading, the cards constantly said I was holding myself back in almost every aspect of my life and self. And my issue with Sekhmet is I think she’s too much for someone like me. Like I can’t handle everything she represents so I get scared. But what if, once again, it’s just me the one creating distance…

Got inspired now, I’m gonna try a meditation tonight. Thank you for your input!