Help.. Identify who appeared in my dreams

In my relaxed and almost asleep state last night, Asmoday and Sallos appeared (the same as they appeared when I called upon the) I called them for the same thing. Then someone else appeared, not sure who.

Winged, clawed feet (possible bird like), long tail, possible serpentine tail. Seemed to have a helmet on (possible animal skull), horns, but that could be part of the helmet. Human esqe arms.

I don’t remember any more. Who could this be? Was it a suggestion to add into the mix?

Called the other two to help in a matter of the heart, but to also tear a couple apart, like to hate each other completely.

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Try to take a look at Mesopotamian deities. Sounds very similar to how they depicted the demons at the time based on how you described him.


So a little Google and these seem to be the likely possibility

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More common names for a couple of these are Hecate and Aphrodite, I understand Aphrodite as it’s matters of the heart, but Hecate??

Well, Hekate is a goddess of magic. But equivalents do not necessarily mean the same being. More like the deity that fit a similar role in a different culture

I know this, but I always viewed her as a little dark, possibly more vengeful?

Tearing apart a couple is not vengeful? No judgements on my end but I can see it falling in a similar category

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I see what you mean.
But I also associate her with curses.

Might call on her and see where it takes me.

Might be a good idea. Might want to try ishtar as well

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