Ok so i’ve been working with Lucifer for a few weeks, evoking him and experimenting with kind of a reverse evokation, as in evoking myself to him in his plane/dimension. So far been going very well but the last time i contacted him he refused to go any further until i had got rid of the demon following me around, which i assume wasn’t a problem until this stage, he also told me i wouldn’t be able to ditch this “demonic stalker” myself but didn’t give any further info. So my question is should i be looking for an entty to do the removing? or should i be looking for someone to do it for me?

Do both, intense banishments, and pray to Michael.

well, the fact that i was told it’s not something i can do myself suggests the banishings won’t work (they might help though dunno), any way to best contact Michael without it being a “prayer”? Would a regular evokation and request work as well? I don’t do “praying” since it implies an elevation of the entity above and in power over myself, and while i acknowledge that various entities/spirits have a lot more skill and power in their fields that doesn’t make them better creatures than myself, just better at doing what they do better.

I contacted Raphael and worked successfully with him without prayer, and I’m so not a Christian, and yet he was helpful to me and extremely non-bothered by my lack of religious sentiment. Seraphiel as well, who’s of a higher “class” in the stated angelic heirachies.

I don’t know for sure that Michael’s the same, but it’s my UPG that angels exist as part of the basic structure and fabric of things, not as god’s henchmen enforcing one minor middle eastern view of reality.

You could try asking Q. 13 from the Book Of Fate, “Will Michael be a true ally to me, with my beliefs, in the area where I need help?” - tutorial and link to a legal online copy of the Book here.

I use it all the time to check our spirits and people and it’s never steered me wrong, and a few times gave me warnings that later proved to be well-founded.