HELP! I guess

A while back I asked questions regarding some issues I had. I was very happy with the help I received from the community.

After I realized what I had to do, I proceed and get it done.

On the main site, I ordered a ritual. Everything went well, I got the video and everything looks peachy.

Now, what’s the problem you may ask, well since the ritual has been done, what I offered the Spirit (DANTALION) in return of his favor had been accepted I even got some suggestions from him about the offerings as the ritual was being performed; since that time I cannot stop thinking about it. I know I am supposed to forget about it, but I can’t.

The more I am learning about magick, the more it becomes clear to me that thinking about it will only get in the way and not release the energy to work as intended. However, for the life of me, I cannot stop thinking about it.

Right now, I am standing in my own way.

So, any advice on how to take my mind off of the ritual and just go about life? I am thinking about weed, like getting high. However, that in of itself poses some obvious problems. So, that’s a dud.

Every time I set to perform the task that I asked Dantalion to help me with, I am always wondering is this the right time, is this too soon or is he going to help me now. It’s been about a week by the way.

I’m excited to see results, I’m excited to give my offerings. I think the excitement is fucking up with me a little bit giving that I am new to all of this. Not being able to get my mind off, almost have me casting doubt because every time I am asking myself am I going to see a sign, a dream that’s obvious or something…

So, I need some advice on how to stop that and not screw myself up and the magick.

This is called “Lust for results”. Use the search function to see how people manages it. Something will probably work for you, but one person’s method aren’t necessarily the right ones for other. Find what works for you.

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…my advice? Let it GO. Seriously. Just let it go. I did a series of rituals recently that I lusted over at first, and once I let everything go, let the person involved go, went no contact with him, moved forward and kept myself busy with my mundane life. I know you’re excited, but channel that excitement into something positive. When the lust for results creep in for me, I just push those thoughts out, tell myself the I am in control, everything works out as I will it. Then move on.

***That’s just what I do and it helps me, and I always end up with what I want. Patience, letting go and trusting in the work helps push the lust for results out for me. Also, like Rey mentioned, you can always search for how others handled this as well.

Good Luck :bouquet:


I appreciate the help.

What I asked help for has to do directly with my job which is SALES. How can I detached myself from it when what I asked for help with, I do that every single day. See what I mean?

So, how can I go out on the field, engaging in sales, and not think about the ritual and its effect?. Like I find that very difficult.

I’ve found some really good help thx @ReyCuervo and @QueenMustang.

Thx for the suggestions. Really appreciate it.


Try to change your mindset like tell yourself “I’m not used to this (letting go) but everything’s gonna be better than expected!”

Channel the feeling of how uncomfortable that new mindset is and very soon if you keep it up it’ll become your new comfort zone and you won’t lust for results which is amazing for all kinds of magick!! Good luck

The phone doesn’t ring if you watch it all the time…

Do your job. You did the magick. It is going to work. Instead of focusing in when or if, try to think about how it will come to pass. Other than that, I don’t know you, so I don’t know what may work for you. That’s why I told you to check up other people’s experiences to see if something resonates with you.

I just wanted to share what I have been experiencing for a couple of months to probably closer to a year. Although I have not much knowledge or practice in the path , my interest and devotion to learn and to meet respectful lords keeps on building strongly within me. The only ritual I chant continuously and frequently is enn for Lord Lucifer, which I am so fond of. At present I am feeling strong pulsations or prickings stronger on my palms so active and rising from all within me. This has become so common that the more I concentrate it makes stronger sensations at my forehead. The feelings at my palms become more stronger that I can feel the warmth or heat if I stay focused for sometime. I can be felt as if my whole body is being surrounded or covered or wrapped up with the rising unknown but interesting prickly sensations which generates some heat but soothing. Please kindly tell me all about this and how to react or to proceed. Your guidance and support is highly anticipated. Thanks.