Help: How to get rid of a pesky earworm?!

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Since 1,5 week I got a song stuck in my head, it’s annoying as fuck. I don’t even listen to the genre. I tried to solve/remove it by fully listening to the video clip. I heard when a song is stuck in your head, you need to listen to the song from beginning to end. If everything is energy than this earworm is just another energy right? How to banish this earworm out of my consciousness? Can somebody please help me with tips? The song in question is:
Lady Gaga Dance

I just find another song that I like, that I know sticks easy and sing those lyrics in my mind. If I have trouble coming up with one or getting started I’ll just pull out my playlist and listen for a while.

I realized recently that some of my favorite baneful ritual music, wasn’t the best to be stuck on outside of ritual, so this is how I addressed it.

Mantras work too, I can just start chanting a mantra that I’ve practiced intently and my mind will latch onto it and play it in loop instead- usually.


Thank you my friend

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No problem, I would note it’s not a good time to try a new mantra or song though unless your listening to something like the radio and it will keep playing more music- I usually have to hear a song several times before any part of it seems to stick.

It’s is good though for positive songs like, the one I just added to my list Unstoppable, or Fight Song by Rachel so and so.

Basically the ones that make you feel good about who you are inside.