Help! How do u deal with a kid in ur home being able to see what u see?

A kid around me has the same abilities I do. Anything I do, they sense it. Just got done communicating with the entities I work with, and they came out of their room saying they can’t sleep as they are having nightmares.

Does Astoroth cause nightmares? I asked the demons and they said Azazel and Astoroth. I presently don’t work with either of them, but Azazel was next in line for me. Help :metal:


Azazel helped me with nightmares. Maybe that is why you were given his name.
But the child having nightmares as a result from your workings with demons is no surprise. Demons have very dense and dark energy, which is pretty heavy for a kid who has probably believed and or been taught that dark = bad. For someone like us here on BALG we might not see the dreams the child is having as “nightmares”, but rather a spirit trying to get in touch.
Children are very sensitive to energies. If you were given Azazel’s name then I’d suggest maybe speaking to him and perhaps even asking him to keep the child’s nightmares away. Hes really good with things like that. Good with children too :blush::heart:


Dang it I told him he was ref to me, but I’m not working with him yet and all the other demons I work with know I’m the only one they contact. Not anyone else that may be around me. So I tols Azazel to chill cuz I wasn’t working with him yet when his name waa memtioned as the reason behind that.

Azazel: “No”

? What did u mean, it’s not Azazel? How about Astoroth?

The new demons around me were, Belzeebub, Astoroth, Baal, Lucifuge n ffs I can’t remember the other 1

The moment you consider him, he comes into being. He ain’t going to take a backseat.

Azazel said “No” to chilling out

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This :point_up:


Great! He was in my room. He’s actually the one that made me realize my wall was alive. Walked into my room n first thing I heard mentally was, “u’re back!” I’d pushed the idea of working with him aside, but many entities say I should work with him. Idk how I feel about that.

@rin, help! Lol! So how do I deal with this?

He’s also a strong entity.

Seems like you got two choices, try and shield them, or explain

Is it better to meet with him in the astral plane? I won’t let them know. Cuz like it’s been said, u think it and u just woke him up

Ward your working area so the energies stay there and do not stray to where they can bother anyone.


I’m gonna have to call a priest to bless this hse lol! I’m able to see them almost anywhere if I thinlk it or pay close attention to anything I.e the wall. :woman_facepalming:

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You can ward the space where the energies are strongest though. Bleed over is natural, and you will have the energies attached to you (in the same way the stink of cigarettes hangs over a smoker) but they are usually too diffuse to affect anyone but the exceptionally sensitive. Spirits do not tend to bother those who didn’t call them, and, if worst comes to worst, you can always teach the kid EA’s simple white light banishing.

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They see Lilith. “That cloud looks like mother mary. That other one looks like a scary animal with teeth…”

I mean… If you dont want to work with him then I dont think he’ll force you. But they do have a way of coincidentally “popping” up here and there to remind you “hey… I’m still ready when you are.”
But quite honestly I dont see why you wouldnt want to work with Azazel.
Also… Azazel really loves kids… so why not ask him to protect a child and help him sleep? He did that for me. Maybe Azazel wants to work with the child but needs you to sort of bridge that gap. Azazel tried talking to me a lot as a kid and even appeared to my mother when I was 2.

If you dont want to give Azazel the time of day that’s fine. You can create a ward and sigil for the child. That’s what I had to do with my mother and boyfriend.

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Crazy thing is, I’m Lilith.