Help. How do u cope with seeing shadows?


Typically, they are just observing you. Whenever you gaze into the occult, the occult gazes right back.

Generally speaking, there’s nothing to worry about, and if you call on those spirits, and ask them what they’re doing, chances are you’ll get a pretty good reply.

Welcome to the occult, it only gets weirder from here.


Spiritual Awakening.


Thanx. #weirder :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Msn… so earlier today, I kept hearing “Lucifer incarnation.” A feeling suggested I check/try it out yet another discouraged me from doing it.
Anyway, I happen to have seen one on that on youtube and something kept telling me to go back to it. I did, but not much excited me. Someone on here had suggested the Satanic meditation, so again, I found one on youtube. Did the 1st session without anything particular in mind. The 2nd time I did it, I kept repeating Lucifer come. I eventually fell asleep. In my sleep, i dreamt of a bug. It was strange in the sense it looked interesting, almost beautiful I didn’t step on it. It’s wings began to change then all of a sudden, there was this beautiful long haired cat in front of me. The bug changed into a cat. :woman_facepalming: I’m still trying to figure out what that meant in relation to me considering I had thoughts etc of Lucifer incarnation. Think I’ll check out the energy scanning blog to see if anyone feels his energy in me. U might because I already work with him, but now I hear I’m him too.
Does anyone on this thread sense that too?
If not, is anyone able to interpret what I dreamt about?


I heard “cats” and immediately came here. Cats are definetely funny creatures. (In case anyone was wondering I do not have pet cats).

Usually when people encounter Bugs they refer to Beelzebub. But my feeling is it goes deeper than that and isnt in fact Beelzebub but may indirectly be related like a symbol of something else. The Bug symbolizes the Hive Mind, and thus the Collective Subconscious. The Cat… A mystery of Probability…though I reckon also sort of a Joke as I see joking Cat Meme’s everywhere.


@Meowlix, I looked that up too n found Baal. He appears as a 3 headed demon. One of his heads is a cat. Idk… I’ll try a divination today. The bug morphed into a cat. Long hair black cat with an orange part to it. It was friendly and somewhat playful.


Update on the shadows, early this morning at work, they were all around me. It was a crescent moon night. Usually i evoke/invoke Lilith on these nights. Was at work, so just had a simple mental conversation with her.

Took a break at around 2am n went to the parking lot for some reason. The energy around me got stronger. Besides what I was already seeing, I sensed something else behind me. I usually see Lilith in her sigils, or as myself, arachnid Lilith, so spiders. This morning, I saw her form while I was wide awake at work outside in the parking lot. I turned around n she was right there in a white dress.

I think I now get it y those shadows had made themselves more known. I’d complained that I wanted a physical manifestation, instead of one in my dreams, or walls. Maybe that was to prepare me to be able to see what I wanted to see.

Hail Lilith. :metal:


exactly- I have seen them running with the automobile. I have had them in the back seat. I see them in the isles of the shopping center. I node and acknowledge them. I feel the are my Wards my Guards my Knights of destruction.


I’m still trying to figure out what happen last night. Mental convo with Lucifer n Lilith. I kept asking to shake hands with Lilith. Followed some instruction- guess what?! I 4once feel shy about saying stuff. Idk…that’s different, but in bed, I felt claws on my inner thigh soon as i got in my bed. Seemed like the bottom of ur palm resting on me with fingers that had sharp claws pressing on me. I’m taking this to have been the hand shake :woman_facepalming::eyes::thinking: idk. Any in put anyone?
I also wanted something. I can’t remember what happen after what I just mentioned. Is any of u able to tell if I’m carrying a demon child?


Humm I cant feel anything vibe wise but my belly button is has a feeling of spinning.




By commanding them to appear and be real, and they will dissapear, because they are just thought forms, they only exist as memory, they are not alive.


Not sure I follow…


Get to know yourself. What you are seeing is a perspective of the mind, and invention that is based on fantasy. One can use the fantasy and the thought forms as tools, but don’t get stuck there, go into the dark, if you are seeing shadows it means you are in the light side of the matter. Tap into Satan, so to speak.


Oh well…I know myself. I can also assure u it’s not a fantasy nor invention of mine. :v::metal:


I try not to step on the darting ones on the ground. I swear they are like cats at times. Even though I doubt my feet could hurt them.


Then you know how to resolve any issue regarding of what you ask, Best of Luck!


I’ve never had any problems with shadow people. Most of the time they seem really curious and friendly. If they’re creeping you out, you could try politely asking them to leave. Failing, that, burn sage.