Help! how do I honor them and who are they?

Hi there, greetings. I need help about what i encountered today, after i finished with the meditation with this mantra (BALESHTU BALESHTU AKHMATU) I did that for an hour decided to have a nap, then i came back to a subconscious state and what i kept hearing was HONOR THEM HONOR THEM actually when i woke up I was confused at first but immediately I went straight to Lucifer’s sigil and did his enn for an hour and I offered him a wine since that is what he requested sometime ago but I don’t know if that is enough since the voice said honor them not him I don’t know who else is. Please i need advice as to how i can best benefit from such informations. Thank you.

Why should you honor anything, why do they deserve it?
What was this mantra for?

It doesn’t appear to be a Vedic mantra. I don’t find it at this site where you can search for them:

As a general rule, and depending on your intuition and how well you took care of your spiritual hygiene, random spirit voices can be ignored.
Banish and cleanse properly, then deliberately summon the entity that spoke to you and ask it what it wants.
Never take randoms at face value, that’s a fast track to becoming a parasite’s bitch.


Priceless, thank you.

Actually i got it here and honestly it has been very helpful

The best advice I can give here is, if the subconscious direction is so strong to “HONOR THEM” and you’re not certain who they are, ask yourself how.
The answer should present itself, especially if by the help of Lucifer to shed light on the subject.

Personally, I believe the “them” that are being referred to are parts of yourself, that you may not be giving attention too or are shying away from. That comes from an intuitive view point.
I feel a connection to the language and have had similar come through by automatic writing.
So if the reference to “them” is to the gods/spirits connected to the language, the best solution would be, to ask them and if they are as such connected to you, you should also be guided swiftly to an answer.

Though what Maulbeere states is definitely food for thought.

Go with your intuition, if it’s been helpful, then you’re already expressing gratitude of sorts.

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