Help getting my soulmate back

I have a on and off again ex that i am completely in love with he has some stuff going on and now he is claiming that he doesn’t have a heart. I can literally feel his emotions and stuff like that and i’m literally going to end up death soon if he doesn’t start talking to me again. I just want him to actually tell me the truth and hopefully come back but i don’t want to take his free will either. Can someone please advise me?

if hes your soulmate hell come back on his own


you probably won’t attract him back as long as you suffer so deeply. You have to heal and feel better. This takes time.
You could try some meditation and do things you enjoy, although you might feel like you don’t want to do anything at the moment.

I hope so i also know that he really isn’t ok right now either and everything he is doing example cutting i can feel it also and its taking a really big toll on my health right now

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if he is your Soulmate, he will return, thats kinda the whole point of Soulmates

ok thank you

Ok, i will try that thank you so much

first, pay attention to the emotional dependance. Like… seriously.

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i missed that… :flushed: yeah op, relax and take care of yourself please

yeah i know i don’t exactly like it either. I don’t know how to leave without having it get worse though

thanks i will try

Marbas can help you.

Im pretty new to summoning so sorry if i sound stupid but could you possibly give me some websites to check out to read more on Marbas?

thank you :grinning:

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Update, he called me and i think since he finally admitted some stuff and actually had a conversation where he wasn’t yelling at me. I think maybe since i’m unblocked now it will all work out. Thank you so much to everyone who said any advice or helped me :black_heart:

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