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Some few past days I have had a strange dream, which is about where I see the universe. I was there seeing someone with a black shadow, standing up, talking to me and showing with his hand towards the universe to me. I now want to know what is meant by the dream itself.

I think he is lucifer or king paimon, someone in that shadow. because after I woke up I forgot the black figure. so for a few days I tried to call Lucifer, or call him before I go to sleep, and Lucifer is not present in any form. but when I want to sleep and call his name, I am always given dreams again and again.

maybe from those of you who have met or talked to him, can you also help me? What should I do? is lucifer in my dream? what about your experience? I feel helped if you are willing to answer. thanks.

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If you are given dreams, it is the way Lucifer is communicating after being summoned to you. Ponder on the dreams you receive. Look for the answers within them

before i contact with lucifer, try to work with asmo.
but the a week later i saw that dream in my story. and it reminds me of lucifer’s story. so im really curious with him. i wanted to talk to him what is he really want to show me.

have you any story about lucifer?

For stories about Lucifer, try to search the forum, there are plenty of them!

I believe he tries to talk to you through your dreams. You should take a closer look there.

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Keep a dream journal and write in when you first get up.

Your visions of seeing the universe with a dark shadow figure is to vague, it could be Lucifer or other deitys that employ black as a color. More likely the spirit does not want to identify himself as you are new to worship but wants to let you know you have been heard with your rituals. To decipher who the deity is you would need more signs, symbols or messages from the deity.

On the deity showing you the universe. It could mean many things the symbol of hopes, wishes, aspirations and desires for the future. The stars in the dark galaxy mean that you are achieving your goals or are inspired to set new goals.

i just forgot about black shadow after i wake up. i never try to summoned lucifer, but now i really eager.

as you said “mean many things” that is why i wanted to meet him. and thank you for explanation you gave me.

or maybe you can tell me how?what? or else to make the spirit want to identify him/herself?
im very helpful if you want to share.

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yes i’ve already read those. and i think he want to try talk to me or maybe show something. thank you for the advice

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the day after i wrote this, i try to enn him while i lay on my bed. i repeated many times and so i slept.


i dreamed again. i met president in my country then we talk much about something. we talked a lot.

and then i woke up.
i only remember those (sign, symbols, or messages) not the entirely at all.

maybe next i want keep and update until i have the answer.

Be very SPECIFIC in your rituals and pray or decide to chose a specific deity to worship and call out. If these are waking visions call out to the deity and ask him to identify himself or give you a sign of his identity.

so you mean whenever i dream, or there are no strange sign i must call him out loud just to make him identify himself?

wow, thank you so much.

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Yes, it can only help you. Usually the deity will give you a sign that you can identify thereby working with the deity to focus your goals or see if you want work with the deity once identified. Many spirits employ deception or vagueness as they have heard your call but are not who you called out too.