Help for someone else finding out something

I’ve seen plenty of spells and spirits to keep secrets and to reveal other people’s secrets but my scenario is a bit different. Without getting into specifics, I’m doing something that I want someone to know about, but I can’t tell her, she needs to find out herself. The resources are there for her to do so and there’s a good chance she might find out even without any prodding from my direction but a magical nudge never hurt but I wasn’t sure what to go with. I have a definite preference for working with spirits or demons or angels because that’s what clicks with me it seems, but I’m open to other solutions as well.

It would be easy to do a “find out secrets” work and just reverse it for her to find out my secret but I’m leery of that because I don’t want her to find out all my secrets (namely that I’m doing magick on her) so I want to be careful of that

Use a Spare style sigil.

“It is my intention that so and so find out about (whatever it is) on her own.”
Form it into a glyph
Fire it off in an altered state
Forget about it.


Do you think we could make a single glyph to reuse many times with the same intend.

Exemple : a make a sigil to “bring sunlight no matter where i am now”

So you make one and use it everytime you desire to bring a sunlight. Or another type of magick is better for that particular intent?

Yes, it is possible to make Spare-style sigils that can be used over and over again.

So basically you have to charge the glyph, forget the meaning and release it when it feels the fullest?