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Hey, this is a piece of my best advice for anyone just starting out with occult fanaticism.

It works if you work it. A spell doesn’t automatically give you limitless powers over everything at once, but it can certainly feel like it has once you’ve learned to craft a decent enough spell to leave you feeling satisfied with the result.

At it’s face value, the spells helps one to feel as thought they’ve got more power over that situation than they’ve actually go at the time in real life, and that believe helps the magician to move on with the internalized, and projected onto the universe, objective for gaining momentum toward a power position in that situation.

It will give you clues as to how you’ll get that really tangible power to manifest itself as you’re working that spell out. The subconscious has learned what to tell you to help you get there and would then start to readily identify that path for you to work it, giving you signals and signs of the targets appearance coming soon.

Furthermore that spell has sent out signals up front to the prospective recipients of itself, or the spell has forces itself onto other people and handcrafted itself into their subconscious mind. It matters not which way it got there, because someone, something, somewhere will respond to what you’ve cast for and it will be returned to you in kind.

Some of you will be doing spellworking that’s more shamanic in nature. Others will be more ecclectic and witchey with you spells of magick. Keep doing them until you’ve found the path of witchery that’s suited to your particular skill sets and personality, religious backgrounds, and a highly specialized spirituality is the most efficient for sustainable progress and improvement of one’s personal life’s circumstances, finding meaningful work and a task oriented approach to goal setting and record breaking.

Set a life goal, five year goals, and even a tomorrow goal for this time next year. Separate those goals from each other and categorize which goals are most effectively targeted with which kinds of spells and ritual workings. What would you like to see most improved about your life and your own expressions of the self?

What’s your weakness that’s holding you back? Target that and bring it up well enough that it’s only a slight weakness if any weakness remains at all.

Walk by Faith and not by the astral plane, which will confuse the living shit out of you.

Some would identify better with western Ceremonial magick at which point it’s highly advisable to work a degree working system like GD, Freemasonry, or something like it.

Portal workings are dangerous with or without adult supervision, so it doesn’t matter one way or the other what’s your preferred route. It will have its innate hazards, the least of which is not mental illnesses being highly exacerbated by this practice of western Ceremonial magick known as daemonolatry. It can absolutely drive a madman I’ll with madness. But it could also be the truest source of freedom and healing, soul liberty, and fantastic sex you could possibly have imagined. All things are possible through Christ which strengthens us. The Orders of Malta and the Golden Dawn have always been seen as heretical fascists by their own constituency if not the devils themselves in human bodies, a laughable fantasy if not much more or less than this.

You’ll need a standard operating procedure for approaching spiritual growth, and that’s why you need to find masters whom you can build trust with.

One of those things is meditation. You need to control the thoughts you’ve allowed to enter the subconscious mind on a regular basis and that’s standard operating procedure for any mystical tradition, BALG being one of those collectives of believers in the arts of meditation and thoughtforms. I’ll write some more here later on. I’ve said a fucking mouthful already. This was just what’s occurred to me this far through the passing of time and after making a few hard lessoned mistakes in judgment.

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Romans 8:31
“What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us then who could be against us?”

You need to feel as though the Highest Powers in the universe are for you and not working against you.

That’s what the magick circles are for, to help aid with the conditioning of the heart and soul for the work of soul traveling and high magick. They’re also for reinforcement of psychic and mental construction of boundaries and aesthetic barriers. So you’ll feel more in charge and in control of what’s affecting those rituals, and you’d even feel as though you get to choose which traditions shit the needs of the inner child within you who’d either hate or love YHWH being the guiding spiritual authority behind the development of the craft you’re developing for yourselves.

The symbols may always have their innate value, but they’re only as useful to the magician as their comprehension pertains to it’s usages.

There are lots of advanced space and time conversations to be had with the three initiates of hermeticism and the holy and unholy kabbalah, and there have been books written about this subject like The Kybalion, initiation into hermetics by Franz Bardon.

You could spend years learning about all the possible ways that modern science hasn’t failed to explain or to at the very least identify the semblance of an explanation for why magick doesn’t exist outside of small cults of mystery, and online forums, or perhaps only in old grimoires, and the holy scriptures of the world religions.

Just get with the program and start to learn how you could practice meditation both as an art form and a hobby or even as a regular lifestyle orientation.

Use it for what it’s worth, and that’s to learn the self and know it’s boundaries.

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Return to the subject of spells, if you would.

I like to explain a whole lot about very little, and that’s what this should be like from now on.

We’re still talking spells, and our gods wouldn’t mind if we’d taken their advances seriously. They’d love to get involved in human issues.

They wanted us self-reliant so that we could team up with their efforts for our ascension together, reclaiming our divinity to the level we’ve lost. We ourselves we’re the gods of ancient times to some people’s belief systems.

Rites of initiation are that way, designed to initiate alchemical changes within the user. Join together with other magicians by using the rites of their traditions.

You may want to research divinities to feel that connection with whoever you’d like to pact with or venerate as a patron deity, or you may already know which would be the most appropriate path form you.

A spell contains within itself the egregore of that particular faith group. That’s a deity. Not only does an egregore contain the necessary psychic constructs for the obtainment of your desires, but it would like to implant them to your subconscious mind through the use of spell crafting and rituals of magick. The egregore itself isn’t the deity, but rather that part of itself which identifies with humanity’s efforts to categorize it all, the known and expressed Divinities, which over the years have taken over psychic spaces and territorially suppressed our rhetoric.

The egregore couldn’t possibly become what the dirty itself is because it’s limited to the human psychosocial complexes it has attachments to, or could it? You could become sovereign enough to raise the ceilings of your faith groups egregores.

What it’s capable of is only that which the anointing is capable of, and that Holy Ghost fire in some of our Catholic traditions. God is the objective of their rituals, simply to manifest and materialize godhood. I’m not preaching the gospel or making any attempts at proselytizing anyone. I’m just using my own childhood faiths language profiles. It’s the most comfortable way for me to speak on this subject to be perfectly real with myself. The manifest glory of God Most High, the tangible anointing of His Presence would then touch the earth and do my will… If I’m able to master the elements and to move God well enough. Maybe you’d prefer as a female to say, Her Presence, because this is open to interpretations, and make use of whatever is suitable for usage. An egregore could be thought of as a particular sect or denominations particular expression of the deity in charge.

You have baptists and pentecostal Catholics. They’re all Roman Catholic, but there are thoughtforms governing each particular corporate entity that comprises the greater whole of Christian religions. Those who’ve been tasked with solidifying the rhetoric of each particular and respective organized religious expression of our faith have sort of ended up with that same sort of behavior in their cults, so that if they’ve believed that God wouldn’t do miracles, God hasn’t done many for those kinds of folks unless God has chosen to reveal himself through the efforts of a brother or an emissary to the throne room makes them believers. They’re not getting the same expression of that divinity which has been seen in other Christian worship circles, like this one. Again, this has not always been the case, but if you’re looking to become a miracle worker, then your best chance to figure out the workings of miracles would be to grab hold of a miracle worker’s teaching.

Way makers and miracle workers are made by the Most High God, the God of wonderous miracle working. The gift and callings of god is without reproaching.

So once you’ve rediscovered who you truly are by way of finding a magical tradition that’s suited to your individual need and desires for the future, you’ll then learn to work spells that way, the way of this tradition of ours. I study them all, so I’ll identify with you in this choice of traditions. Whoever you’re with, welcome, me too.

But that tradition whether voodoo, santeria, qimbanda, or western Ceremonial magick would at some point teach you how to craft your own spells, and they’ll offer you a plethora of known spells that have worked for centuries if not for millenia to come.

Maybe it’s an ecclectic from of witchcraft and shamanism that you’d like to use, and then you’d like to study from the books of multiple people groups to appropriate some of the essences of their practices into something you’ve worked out for yourself, as I’ve done. I like wiccan magic too, hoodoo, and etc.

There’s British witchcraft, Celtic druidry and heathen forms of magick to be discovered as well. Your soul should find its rest somehow in a tradition of your choosing. Some might even prefer to avoid the occult and simply to apply some modern scientific research to their law of attraction and manifestation routines by incorporating little spell work and ritual practices. They’d never have to be initiated by a religious organization or study under the priest of foreign cults. That’s also a valid option for those afraid of this occult stuff but were just a bit curious.

Be open with God about this and tell yourself the truth at all times, before anyone else.

Just be real with yourself. What do you expect to accomplish with a ritual routine? What is the ultimate craftsmanship goal that you’ve had in the works?

What’s this spell going to get across? What is this spell’s purpose to you personally, that’s what you should know.

Choosing the spell depends entirely upon it’s categorical placements. That’s how it’s ingredients can be discerned better for most people who are crafting spells based off of intuition alone. Even whenever you’ve followed the spells word for word and by the fucking book, if you don’t have the appropriate purposes in mind, it’s difficult to haft the arrows, much less to make your marks with them. Do some mental construction and pick out the spells that would fit the internal narratives behind what you’d like to do. What’s the need? You may get as specific with these spells as you’d like to get, but the simpler the more efficient, until you’re the adept, at which point in time you may have several layered spells working at the same fucking problems at the same damned time.

At some point during the course of working the spells you’ve been working, others might approach you with the solutions to some of the problems you’ve been facing and might even feel compelled to tell you that God sent them, that they’re here to help in the name of Christ. If we’re friendlier with christianity, the saints may want to help us out, and even some might end up with angelic beings in their midst in some form of humanoid bodies.

The next thing you’d have to find out about yourself would be the safety aspect of magick, and do you feel that you’ve some adequate protection in place for the future of your careers as magicians?

You’ll have to know that you’ve got someone over you, guardianship. You need to feel safety about yourselves, and that’s the reason so many of our traditions are teaching safety protocols, first and foremost as their primary coursework for new peoples.

You’re learning to protect yourself and defend against enemy attack, parasitic entities, and false Divinity.

You’ll also be learning some banishing and cleansing techniques for yourselves, your homes, and for your places of business and commerce. This is of the utmost importance, because you don’t want to have to wait until you’ve already been crushed by the enemy to learn how to defend yourselves.

You’ll want to learn how to curse at some point, and sooner rather than later, and don’t you think for one second that a black magician’s curse would be anything to play with for a white magician.

Let it run its fucking courses. Your magick mustn’t be disrupted with constant nagging and second guessing.

Let it run. Let it run its course like medicine. It has to work itself out on its own. You wouldn’t be able to stop it if you’d turn loose of it.

Let go of control.

Love spells can take time to manifest themselves, but if you’ve wanted love and lust to coincide with each other’s codependency that’s generally what people required. If you wanted zero strings sex or whatever the fuck, then you shouldn’t have asked for true love to attack you, because that’s what will happen, love will come after you.

So, as today has made me aware somewhat of my own sense of inadequacy in rituals… I’ve decided to share something about leaving offerings. I feel like a noob myself most days, but I’ve had hopes of helping other people feel better about their beginnerism.

Magick hasn’t always been helpful to me. It was whenever I’ve learned not to give a fuck about those rituals that they’ve started to make life magickal.

Just leave the bloody offerings, and if your mind needs something to help you understand that it’s happened already, that they’re receiving it, then you may visualize the entity taking this offering on some other dimensions, on another plane of existence. I’m not very fond of the astral plane. I don’t like dealing with it’s complexities.

With that being said, if you’re drinking and you’ve offered something on the soul plane, then an astral visual of the entity drinking the offering could be very useful to release it.