Help for Astral Projection

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing great !
If I’m here it’s to ask you for some help or tips/tricks to have an OBE and start astral projection.
I’ve finished reading some books and a lot of topics about the subject, I’m very patient and at the same time I want to be able to do it as soon as I can, I think it’s understandable, before I even looked at info about Astral projection. I almost did it and now after like more than 20 attempts I feel that I’ve gotten further away from being able to do it…I still note every attempt and feel like I’m making progress but I’m not even sure about it

So far I’ve tried : NAP ritual - Goetic Evokation - Positives affirmation - Meditation - and a whole lot of projection techniques

People that succeded your first projection what was the “declick” feeling or tip
I’d really be glad if I could get some perspective or way to progress that I may have missed
Thanks in advance for your answers :pray:t2:

~Lost Sinyktar

I sent a P.M.

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you dont need to OBE to Astral Project.
OBE… unless you’re naturally attuned to it (if such thing exist) you’ll probably having need a lot of time and practice. I’ve only managed to do it twice.
The good thing is… as i sad… you dont need to have a full OBE to project. If you do find a technique for easing the process of “OBEing” let me know tho. The the couple i had were pretty short. It was mostly leaving my body, realizing i was out of my body in my room and just jumping into my body back for a couple of different reasons.


send it to me as well.

Try blue goldstone, pirite or selenite to empower your astral projection


Thanks for the PM I’ll try some of those !

@Rav Try blue goldstone, pirite or selenite to empower your astral projection

What would I do with it ? Once I’ve got one, should I try meditate and hold on to it meanwhile ?

I was thinkink about having first hand OBE then if I want when I’m in one later, to cousciously go into the Astral Realm that’s Why I’m trying so hard to experience then master OBE

As I’d like to train and develop my healing skills for some close people to me OBE seemed close enough to “material” reality and far enough from it to really make the difference
Using things like mental power to heal you see wich I’ve read is way more easier in this case

Edit : in this case I don’t wanna let some entity handle it, that’s why I’d prefer to do it myself
And also of course I don’t plan to OBE only to heal other people I have plenty of other goal but this one is my main for the moment being

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Have you built a proper foundation first?

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What is the “proper foundation” as you call it ?

Well exorcise it than charge it to help you with astral travel. If you charge it in a solar eclipse will be powerful some 10 to 20 years. Use the Statement to empower your astral travel :wink:

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what is the statement? :slight_smile:

inner awareness, outer awareness, grounding, shielding, clairvoyance practice, etc

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Those thing feel really vague to me…
For Inner and outer awareness I’d say yes
Grounding Yes ?
Shielding in some way yes i guess but it’s very minor in my current working
clairvoyance It depend what kind of clairvoyance you’re talking about, as for astral sight I can get some but it’s really hard to maintain on a stand alone for me (only a few sec )

Else ? :
Energy work - Every day for 30 min
Meditation - 1 hour at the bare minimum
Charging the 7 most important chackra - 1/2 times a week
and as you said etc

I don’t let everything else fall appart it’s just that my focus is on develloping OBE/Astral-Projection as it looks like a pillar and one of the most important tool for any magician (At least that my thought)

SO Give mE tIps AnD tRiCks aAaaHHhh :crazy_face:
I really really really want to be able to do that

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Clairvoyance is perceiving energy and entities, learning to scan, etc. I don’t really like the term “astral sight” because you can’t really train your “astral sight” unless you get onto the astral first and it’s still working your clairs lol.

Inner awareness is being aware of your energy, how it looks, smells, feels, sounds, how it flows, how to manipulate it and move it. This helps you feel out your energy body and separating it from the body.

Outer awareness is feeling the energy around you, seeing it, hearing it, the same as inner but with people and things external of you. This helps you feel out the plane youre in no matter the plane astral/mental, etheric/spiritual, the energetic layer of the physical even as OOBE encompasses many different planes and being aware of which you’re on and what youre dealing with.

So my tip personally is those things but also to not think too hard because I notice many guides make astral seem insanely hard because of the way it’s portraited but the astral is the collective unconscious it’s pretty easy to get there but when there you’re blind and have to start working on the senses.

many actually get there but they don’t notice it because they expect a grand shift to happen when really it’s barely noticeable until you can “open your eyes” there.


That’s a lot more comprehensive thanks a lot for the clear input ! :pray:t2:

Inner awereness feels more like yeah I could better it
I have a easier time “feeling” outer energies but that could be aslo trained

Some thoughs that I needed to write :

As everything is counsciousness I like the idea of experimenting it more “”“physically”"" if you will, hence why the focus on OBE that I currently have
I can’t just believe forever what is written I need to explore a bit for myself in the way wich feel the closer to my experience of the “truth” AKA flying through realms and gathering little piece of secret by myself that I could cheerish for I will be the one reiceving and experimenting directly those


I understand, in my practice after inner and outer awareness I moved to energy manipulation then right into etheric projection and spent a lot of time there interacting with the plane and the various entities in it, the experiences had moments of nearly physical and moments of partial lucidity but both cases were still amazing.


It’s easy:

  1. Take a bowl pour 1l water and hold your hands over it and say: I exorcise thee, oh creature of water, of all negativity both seen and unseen, and bless thee in the name of IAO

  2. Take 1 spoon of salt, touch it and say: I exorcise thee, oh creature of salt, of all negativity both seen and unseen, and bless thee in the name of IAO

  3. Put the salt into the bowl and stir 3x clockwise and say: I cleanse and consecrate this water in the name of IAO may this water empower, purify and enchant to aid me all that it touches. As I have spoken so it shall be done!

  4. Put the crystal inside, bath it moving it 3 times clockwise and visualising it in bright light and say: I exorcise thee, oh creature of mineral, of all negativity both seen and unseen, and I bless thee and enchant you to aid me + (Statement) in the name of IAO!

  5. Take the crystal out and say: It is done!


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I can confirm this. When I went for the first time in the astral, I couldn’t see anything. I had to walk and touch everything around me to start to see. The more I went in the astral, the more I could see quickier.
Everytime it’s the same thing : I roll out of my body and fall on the ground. I have to touch the walls around me and walk in the different rooms, then my eyes open by themselves. Before they open, it’s like they’re glued and if I try to open them without touching my environment I go back automatically to my body.
The last time I went in the astral, I could open them right after falling on the ground.


teach me senpai

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that’s very similar to how catholic priest make holly water.
I had no idea you could use it for that purpose.

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