Help for a novice

Okay, some good suggestions are given to you. I would like to add a few. You probably want a mentor, not a master (huge difference). Spirits are great mentors, but what if you do not know how to interact, hear, or see them? My suggestion is to start with the basics. Meditate every day. Graveyards are a great choice, but if the elements do not allow, find a quiet place inside with very little stimulation (see @TheStorm above; that info is on point). This will help you in many ways, too many to list here. Start reading. A good book for beginners is Summoning Spirits: The Magickal Art of Evocation, by Konstantinos. It covers basic meditations, astral sight development exercises, banishing, and other essentials every single magician in the world should know before he or she goes mucking about with calling upon spirits. Learn about tarot symbolism and the energy they represent, learn about psychology and the subconcious, learn about planetary and elemental correspondences.

There are literally years of material you can find to work through, many of them free, before you should really get stumped. If you do get stumped, just check in the forum through past threads or ask a question. Here are a few resources that can be invaluable when you are starting out:

FYI there are pdf files for both books for free online, but I do not know about copyright and it is against forum rules to promote them if the files violate any.


I know
but for some reasons I always get the urge to do things I’m not suppose to or not allowed to so…
It’s fine
I always think things thro before jumping right in to it and put a lot of details into my plans until I feel confident enough to pursue it to action.
If I still feel uneasy about it somehow
only then I back down .
That’s my survival guide .

In Perth WA there are graveyards everywhere you can just walk in to I recommend busselton wa the graveyard there is open all night and no one around

The thing is i live in Saudi Arabia so if I was cought practicing witchcraft In graveyard
I’ll be dead.