Help for a novice

Hi I’m new to magic am looking for a master of sorts that I can message when I’m lost and can tall me as I go what to do next as I have no clue where to start I’m trying to awaken my powers for the left hand path my goal as of now is to open my 3rd eye and magic and summon and talk with all types of spirits but feel lost or stuck

What books have you read?

Or videos watched?

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Dude your name reminds me of a Pokémon trainer “novice Brett wants to battle”

But in response to your question on the other thread

the best teachers are always the masters the spirits that are best known to help you with clairaudience (in my opinion) is King Paimon and lucifer. Call on them and ask what’s the worst they can do? Tell you no? Aslong as you are respectful in sure they will help


[quote=“RiseorDie, post:3, topic:17039”]
the best teachers are always the masters the spirits that are best known to help you with clairaudience (in my opinion) is King Paimon and lucifer
[/quote]It’s quite interesting seeing all these Spirit recommendations. I, if anyone hasn’t noticed, work with a completely different set of Spirits from the traditional (with the exception of some work I’ve done with Azazel). So this is new stuff to me as well. I have next to no clue who King Paimon is for example. That’s just not the traditions I have been working in.

Haha my favorite show as a kid lol

How can I ask him for help if I can’t see or hear spirits is there a trick or tip you could give me to boost hearing spirits for a beginner also can he give familiars

@Novicebrett Chant his name a 1000 times each day, make offerings, think about him as you go to sleep.


And will that help me hear spirits call and talk to me :slight_smile:

Get his sigil charge it up and say his enn “lenan tasa jedan (yayden) paimon” and always call him king unless he says otherwise

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You need to start with the basics first
Or else you’ll and up being confused
Basics such as
Practicing meditation as this will help improve your communication with other world entities
Increase your will power
Work on your chakras
Dig into the history and origins of magic and black magic
Unlimite your knowledge regarding this subject
There’s always something new for you to learn and help you improve
From books to the internet
Get yourself a journal to note any thing you have experienced while practicing
And keep your sigils inside of it
search for the names of demons, angels, spirits, djinn, gods or whomever you would like to call upon learn as much as you can about them and see which one attract you the most
You don’t NEED tools like herbs, candles ,black mirror ,incense to practice magic
They just help you in you’re
spiritual connection
Learn more about DIVINATION and divination methodes if you’re intrested
Developing a relationship with spirit
You don’t nassearly have summon the spirit to have connection with them
Casting spells Learn some basic spells and practice them repeatedly and note on journal
What works for you and what didn’t
It’s your magic so don’t think what we do will work 100% with you.

So yah that’s my advice for you.



I do this some days up to 3 times can u suggest and meditation music to help boost my energy

@Novicebrett You are basically trying to draw his attention to you.

@Novicebrett I would say cut out the music for now. It will only act as an unhealthy reliance. Learn to draw up the power at will, and with ease on your own first.

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I don’t use music
And that what helped me the most
The fact that there are a lot of noise around me yet I stay focused on my breathing without opening my eyes and looking for the soures of noise
Helped me a lot
So yah
I just place incense drink some lemon water and find comfortable place to sit and meditate
The best place I’ve ever meditated was outside at park or garden it helps me get as much fresh air into my body.

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@Novicebrett If you can manage it it’s meant to be beneficial to meditate in a place of death. If you can access somewhere where a lot of people have died or have been buried, and be alone there, then that is something to think about doing. Otherwise meditate in a darkened room (turn all the lights off. Shut the curtains) preferably at night. This is Black Magick. It works better in the cold and in the dark.


I did thought about meditating at graveyard
I’d like to see how it goes .


@anon63404644 If you ever do please tell me.


The problem is i don’t how I’m going to sneak into the graveyard and meditate without getting arrested :sweat_smile:
Is somthing that I need to plan along with some other friends :confused:
But I’ll defiantly try it .

Going to a graveyard when you are not supposed to with multiple people is probably the best way to GET arrested. Loose lips sink ships.

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