Help finding,teacher,mentor ,jioning an order

2nd evocation was successful with Bune.
Being a begginer in the arts, im hesitant to give advice, however i do feel a strong nudge to share some knowledge or insight on demons. I believe when working witb these demons from the Goitia, we should remember that these demons were bound and abused at on time by King Solomon. Ive decided to slow my roll as a newby and read and study more before evocating/summoning demons.
Hail Bune!!!


Well in this new aeon we are working in a friendly familiar way with the Qliphothic powers. Some individuals still use the old grimoires where it is used that abrahamic religions filth but from what i know the wrathful Gods of Azrat will attack those individuals sooner or later.


“We are both bound by are ties to our conscious world.”

Goetia and humans. We’re not really that different from each other in that sense. But I do agree with the letting people know the difference between the binding practices and the free rituals. It’s a major difference…

I honestly would not look into joining an order or a cult, that’s something that comes with time and is a very powerful decision to make. You can’t join something like that and expect to just leave when you please. I know from experience.

Also, I try not to overspeak my boundaries as well on here but if you would like to learn more I definitely recommend E.A Koetting’s writings on Black Alchemy as well as his look into voodoo and collaborations with those practitioners. It taught me a lot as far as this site goes anyway.