Help, finding information on Crystals, and how to use them in magic

Hi, i’ve suddenly become interested in crystals, but i’ve found conflicting information on the web about them, by this i mean some of the information about them seems to contradict it self, for example some say obsidian brings good luck, others say it brings bad luck due to it being associated with Saturn, and others say its for protection, so i would be grateful if anyone familiar with this subject, could point me to were i could find the correct information on what is the function of crystals, and how to use them in magic.

There isn’t an “official” source like that. Theropods posts what they want on their sites.

I usually just search on “gem name” and “meaning” and then go with the description I like best.

In this case, with the bad luck prediction, I think you can safely ignore anything that sounds like fear mongering. Descriptions of gems are never negative. Some religious types just think black is bad luck period. If you think about it, there’s no reason Saturn should be bad luck either, this sounds like religious nonsense.

Any black stone is good luck because black absorbs energy, including negative energy. Not have negative energy randomly in tire space is beneficial, hence, good luck.

Always take the description that uplifts you and makes you feel good. Gems are higher beings, the highest in the mineral realm, they’re always positive and here to help.


Crystals can also have more than 1 function, so it can have both luck and protection aspects, not necessarily either/or.


Obsidian has the power to amplify things which are under the surface so as to bring them out. So if there is a lot of negativity it can cause the issues to come up and then they can be dealt with. It can be very harsh with exposing the truth about things which some people are not ready for. It helped me to begin connecting with my shadow side which was what I really needed at the time.

I find it can also bring up intense energies which can sometimes be awesome and at other time it’s not what I need. It can absorb negativity so it needs to be cleansed regularly.

I never used black obsidian in a spell but if i did I’d use it for some cleansing, banishing, or protection. I use my crystals for my own spiritual practice not really magick. But the few times I have included crystals in spells they were great at amplifying the energy.

I have used the crystal bible for many years. It has a lot of info and teaches the many ways to use and care for them.