Help finding a lost object

Anyone have any useful spells that really work, or good entities to contact for help finding a lost object? I have a very important necklace I need to find. ASAP. Thanks.

How about the Angel of Lost Things?


Cool, thanks. I will try that later after work. If I’m not too worn out from asking Lilith and Sitri with help on my other big issue. If that takes too much out of me Angel of Lost things is first on the list after I wake up in the morning.

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Okay so kinda silly as i remembered this from way back Catholic days, repeat 3 times “saint Anthony saint Anthony please look around, somethings lost that must be found” while you’re eyes are closed imagining the object… Usually works well in finding things that must be found haha



Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

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Rochel - To find lost or stolen items and discover the responsible person. He is an angel specialist in that task. Call it through your sigil and explain what he is looking for that is missing


Thanks for sharing :blush: @Amirash @DarkestKnight this was just what I needed.