Help fighting out a curse


I need some advice concerning a curse. These days my life have been having intense shifts which are not part of a curse for the manifestation of a better life for me. I’m not worried about these shifts, which have resulted in a lot of emotional healing and new insights and a lot of pain and hurt, but today I saw a video of a famous black magician who said that performed a curse. For some reason, I felt extreme worry about this and I even felt that I was the target of this curse.

What is your opinion on the matter? Pure paranoia? An emotion created from this period of shifts that is only making me stronger. Or is it really something I should be worried about. It is important to mention that I have no connection to the black magician in question, but for a moment a thought that Lucifer commanded him to curse me for a reason. Just pure paranoia?

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I would go with paranoia.

However, to ease your mind, I advise you to perform a daily banishing ritual, which can be a psychological balm to put your mind at ease.

You may also want to perform a limpia, for no other reason than to cleanse yourself.



Just a few tips -

" a curse for the manifestation of a better life for me"
when it comes to naming things:
a curse is generally pointing to something negative in every case.

If nothing happens, consider this at least a trigger for yourself, to prepare yourself beforehand in a way that you can avoid getting cursed. Thinking you’ve been cursed in itself, even if it didn’t really happen can mess you up deeply, if you haven’t set up magickal protection, eitherway, I would get that fixed - how for example?

Let me ask this first… :slight_smile:

Do you work with Lucifer and other demons mainly or do you work with only the light at this moment?


I will do a banashing spell. After the emotional reaction I had, there might still be some “psychological damage”

Thank you

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You are right. “A change for the manifestation of a better life for me” is what I wanted to write.

You make a good point about protecting myself from curses. Since my life is starting to get more magickal every day, it wouldn’t surprise me that I find myself having magickal enemies in a close future. Can you give me some examples?

I’ve never worked with Lucifer formally. The only thing I did today was when a was reading “The Grimoire of Armadel” on my phone when I felt and intense pain on the stomach. This was normal because this pain was already there for a couple of days. I was reading the section of Lucifer, Beelzebub and Astaroth at the moment and for some reason I felth the extreme necessity to put my hand on the three sigils and give my pain as an offering for whatever purpose these entities might have.

I have worked with Goetic entities, I have initiated myself into the Qlipoth of Naamah, Gamaliel, Thagirion and Thaumiel and I’ve had rituals with other LHP entities. For angels, I have only used the LBRP

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If you commit to the physical world you will overcome the spirit world