Help - Duke Sallos experience

It’s been around 2 months since I first tried to make contact with Duke Sallos.
The first time I felt a really strong presence, I gave a blood offering into a small flame. The flame grew pretty large and kept burning for over an hour.
Basically - relationships are an area of worry for me, I have bad luck, things go wrong, I get used, cheated on, or self sabotage things. I’m in a relationship now, with someone great, and I ontacted Sallos to help keep the relationship strong and hopefully ease my anxiety about it.
I used a black mirror recently in one of my evocations - I’m new to Black Mirror scrying, some shapes formed, I felt a presence and expressed my intention respectfully and boldly.
… After this all some odd things started to happen. Later that day I got into a huge brawl with a couple of women. I don’t get angry often, at all, but when I do it’s murderous anger.
The day after I saw my boyfriend. I guess everything was fine until it came to the physical intimacy, things got a little odd and while I was in control of the situation it ended in disappointment… In my mind I could hear him laughing, taunting me.
I did another evocation last night. The energy was just so weird. I felt this sharp fear, a physical sensation where I felt something was behind me. Just genuine fear and I have no clue why. I was just frozen, when it came to doing the LBRP after some grounding meditation, I could hardly get up to do it.
I again communicated with Duke Sallos, stating what I needed help with, boldly, respectfully, thanking him for being present with me. I felt his presence though a shadow on the wall in front of me. It wasn’t negative, but something still felt strange.
I did a tarot reading to gain some insight into the whole thing and my cards were: The Devil - 5 of cups - 10 of swords.
I don’t know what’s going on, especially with this extreme anxiety and fear when it comes to magical working, this level of fear hasn’t happened since childhood.
I have almost given in really, and have stopped caring about the future of my relationship because it’s probably going to be bleak given all the messages I seem to be receiving.
Could anyone give me some insight or guidance? Has anyone else experienced something odd like this?
I know that I am being tested, and that maybe I am being taught to grow the hard way which has always been the way it is in my life. I’d just like some opinions really


Hmm… MAYBE he was bringing to light your hidden fears and things you need to get over, we just had a new moon I think, and people were saying it was a time to release things and I felt anger myself being brought up to be released.

Maybe use your tarot cards to just ask about the relationship and trust your own intuition about it. Don’t let your worries get in the way if it’s your own ego fears instead of legitimate wisdom. Meditate and trust yourself, I’d say.

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Thanks for that :slight_smile: it does make sense.
I’ve worked with Agares in the past, but Sallos is the first entity that I’m building this kind of personal relationship with. I feel like we’re getting to know each other, slowly, and I don’t want to give up on that.
I don’t experience entities having literal conversations with me, and I don’t even physically see them, as some people claim has happened. It’s much more cryptic for me, based on feeling and reception of energy. It’s a process like any other and to know his meaning in my life will take time.

True knowledge never comes without a personal transformation - most of the time that’s not an easy process, but it’s worth it.

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I agree with @Encore19 , that the duke might be bringing your fears to the surface so you can deal with them @LuciferSkyflower. What was your reason for calling him? You said you are in a relationship with a great guy, and I’m just wondering if Sallos brought you the relationship or if you were in it already and called the duke to help keep it.


Compare what you asked for, with what you feel now. Maybe this is how he answered your request?

In my case Duke Sallos in the conversation we had he told me that he just not only has to créate feeling in another person, Also he is going to change my feeling about the matter he want to look inside my heart and unblock the hate revenge & resentment feelings , like he show me a way to walk in it and he make me write a letter with feelings word that make Her back with intense energy and i feel the energy of Duke Sallos when she was talking with me and know was his hand. Hail the great Duke

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Hey thanks for your response. Yes that does make sense.
Reason for calling him was to help strengthen our relationship, we work together in making socio-politically inspired art which carries some risk here in India, and wanting to shake things up in the art scene, and it’s a positive partnership in that sense. We got together before I made contact with the duke.
But I realised that past fears and internalized insecurities (past traumas which were never fully dealt with etc) were negatively impacting this relationship majorly, so I decided to reach out as I needed help in finding and to maintain a healthy, grounded situation.

After reading some responses here I feel that perhaps definitely, the duke is bringing painful and difficult things to the surface which I need to deal with.
So, it won’t be an easy road it seems, but I’ll keep building my relationship with Sallos, and try and be as receptive as possible to the lessons he’s teaching me.

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Hey thanks for commenting.
You know what - looking at it like that has genuinely put a lot of things into perspective.
Yeah I think maybe it was surrendering which is one of the things I am being taught, as in surrendering the need to feel in control / the need to constantly know that it’s all going okay.
He could well be telling me to chill the F— out :smile: it’s totally valid to be honest!


Exactly. Glad that he answered you and looks like all is going good :wink: