Help dowsing something, while I'm learning?

I bought a cloth spirit board yesterday, and noticed what seemed like dried spit on the J. At home I dowsed with rods that it was spit.

I’d like to hear your opinions on if I effected the dowsing result, and if I got the spit part right could that be a bad intention toward the board user? Could it have to do with a j rune?


Seems more likely to be “J for Jesus” - maybe someone used the board thinking it would summon demons Hollywood style, and they spat on the J as a form of desecration. I can’t be certain but that was my first thought on reading this, and sometimes the first thing that jumps up is correct.

You could outstretch the first and middle finger of your right hand, swirl them counter-clockwise three times over the spit, visualising energy gatheri ng onto your fingers like cotton candy (candyfloss) on a stick, and then cast it out of an open window, or into a flame, saying “I cast out all links between this mark and its maker” and then make the same movement clockwise and bind the cloth to serve you, and also maybe any gods or spirits you work with a lot.

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Thank you, Lady_Eva

I’ll do it.

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